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6 Feet Under

Remember when we were asked to stand six feet apart during the pandemic? This week, Dr. Fauci admitted that there was no science behind those guidelines.

“It just sort of appeared,” he said.

Remember when people got into fights for standing “too close”? Remember how we re-ordered society for this? You would think that the person leading the pandemic response would not let anything “just sort of appear.”

This was a continuation of Dr. Fauci’s testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. He also acknowledged that the “lab-leak hypothesis is not a conspiracy theory” despite the mainstream media calling it that repeatedly in 2020. Why didn’t he shut that down, I wonder?

A few other revelations from this testimony: Fauci praised President Trump for restricting travel to China and admitted that he was the one who “advised American universities to impose vaccine mandates on their students.”

The committee chair Brad Wenstrup said that the committee “remain(s) frustrated with Dr. Fauci’s inability to recollect COVID-19 information” but they’re going to keep digging. This hearing was closed but we are expecting transcripts after lawyers review it. A public hearing is also scheduled at an unknown future date.

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