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About Those Top Secret Documents

More classified documents have reportedly been found in the possession of President Biden, although we don’t know where the documents were kept. This is the second batch of documents after the first batch was discovered in November but reported just this week. These documents reportedly pertain to Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.

This is inconvenient for opponents of President Trump who gloated on news of the FBI raid on his home for classified documents and the continued litigation with the Justice Department over the matter. The White House has not responded to the news or the comparison of the two administrations.

So what will the Justice Department do about a tale of two Presidents and their access to documents that are a matter of national security? Will it be “equal justice under the law,” a phrase engraved on the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court? The Justice Department has already appointed a U.S. attorney in Chicago to investigate the matter.

On Tuesday, President Biden said he was “surprised” to learn that one of his offices had classified records. How’d those get in there!?

This begs the question, not just about how Presidents and Vice Presidents may hide documents, but why the U.S. can’t seem to keep track of its classified documents.

Another relevant question: If these documents were discovered on November 2, why did we not know about it before the midterm election?

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