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Acid Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head

You can sing in the rain, but you might not want to drink it.

A new study from the University of Stockholm found that rainwater almost everywhere in the world now contains unsafe levels of ‘forever chemicals.’ These are chemicals made by humans that don’t break down naturally. Sure, they repel stains and keep food from sticking to pans, but that also means that they repel biodegrading. Forever.

And now these chemicals are in our rainwater.

In the industrialized world, many people don’t rely on rain for their drinking water, but running water is a privilege. Those who need the rain to keep them hydrated can no longer assume it is safe to drink. And what about the animals?

There is some disagreement about what, exactly, the health risks of forever chemicals are, but they have been tied to increased risk of cancer, fertility problems, and developmental delays. And the water cycle means that unless a lot of money is spent, these forever chemicals will keep raining down on us all.


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