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Are Screens Are Making Us Older?

The blue light from your screens may be aging you, according to a new study. Excuse me while I make a body-sized blue light reflector suit…

Scientists found that exposure to blue light alters metabolites, which are chemicals that are essential for cell function. As a result, researchers say that blue light may have a detrimental effect on “a wide range of cells in our body, from skin and fat cells to sensory neurons.” All of these things, of course, can accelerate aging and “lead to premature death.”

They drew these conclusions by exposing fruit flies to blue light, after which they found that the flies’ brains had increased levels of metabolite and succinate and decreased levels of glutamate. Low levels of glutamate can decrease brain function. In addition, they found that fruit flies without blue light exposure live longer than those with blue light exposure. Yet another reason to limit your screen time. After you finish reading this newsletter of course!

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