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Gen Z and Millenials are empowering the pink.

Hot pink is everywhere these days, and it’s not a comment on the weather. It is Barbiecore.

Barbiecore is a fashion movement centered on Barbie’s favorite color, hot pink. See also: long nails, fake eyelashes, chunky heels, and short skirts/dresses. The style means different things to different people, but many see it as a way to take back the stereotype, to show that hot pink is for everyone.

Is this an updated version of fourth-wave feminism or another wave? Does it matter? There is power in taking back something that has been used to keep a segment of the population down, and hot pink is definitely one of those things. See also: heels, etc.

Mattel’s doll still has a long way to go before Feminist Barbie hits the shelves, but if young women and femmes find beauty in Barbie’s favorites and choose to go Barbiecore no matter how stereotypically Barbie they are, that is pretty damn feminist.

As long as I don’t have to wear hot pink.

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