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Big PHARMA Gets To Sell Two Drugs Instead of One

A new study shows that children who go on puberty blocking drugs to treat gender dysphoria rarely stop those drugs and are most likely to progress to cross-hormones to help them transition genders.

The study found that 98% of children who went on puberty blockers went on to take what they call “gender affirming” pharmaceuticals, or pharmaceuticals that help change their body to the gender which they were not born.

The authors call this “reassuring” for those who offer pharmaceuticals as treatment for gender dysphoria. So it’s “reassuring” that big Pharma gets to sell two drugs instead of one? I have follow-up questions. In the 90s, when children with gender dysphoria were studied long-term, many of them ceased their dysphoria in their teens and went on to become healthy gay adults. Is there then something about the puberty blocker that stops what would otherwise be a normal transition into homosexuality? As journalist Helen Joyce puts it: “Far more plausible is that puberty blockers, as well as blocking the physical changes that puberty brings, also blocked the developmental process whereby gender dysphoria resolves.”

Is it that big Pharma has the answers that were not available in the 90s? That’s hard to believe, given the many proven contraindications of these drugs. Also consider that insurance companies bill TWICE the normal amount for these drugs when they are given to children than when they are given to treat cancers. That is to the tune of about $9,000 per month.

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