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Bill Gates Takes on Artificial Intelligence

Bill Gates says that ChatGPT could decide that humans are a threat and…what? Wipe us all out because we’re an invasive species?

Gates says that the programming could decide “that humans are a threat, conclude that its interests are different from ours, or simply stop caring about us?” How does a computer care exactly?

This comes from a published letter from Bill Gates about his views on artificial intelligence and programs like ChatGPT and now Google’s Bard, the ChatGPT competitor that launched this week.

He makes the argument that we need to keep going down this path because it could potentially solve world problems such as access to health care for poor people and access to education for poor people. How do those poor people access high-powered computing? He doesn’t say. In fact, he admits that this could just continue to help wealthy countries.

He points out all manner of concerns such as ChatGPT not being “passive” enough or sharing your information without your permission. Bad ChatGPT! It could also surpass human capability and become too “strong.” If it does that, it could “decide that humans are a threat.”

How do we keep that in check? World governments. That’s his solution. They’ll have to set some limits.

Despite these major concerns, he still thinks we should go for it because of the poor people. Even though we don’t know how to get it to those poor people.

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