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Canada vs. Women

Women who work in the British Columbian public sector who are not vaccinated for Covid have been terminated and asked to pay back the sum of their maternity leave if they took one.

These are women who decided not to take a Covid vaccine and also had maternity leave last year. Now they are being let go from their public sector jobs because of vaccine mandates and they are being asked to pay back their maternity leave salary because they cannot keep those jobs.

In British Columbia, a woman is eligible for up to 80% of their salary for up to 17 weeks of leave with an agreed-upon return date. These women went on leave before the mandate went into place, came back and asked for an exemption and were denied. They lost their jobs and then the government asked them to return the sum of their maternity leave salaries, which in some cases is up to $50,000.

These are brand new mothers who did not know that this would be a problem when they left to have their babies! They are fighting back but to have this fight and heavy looming bill with a newborn at home sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

Why are vaccine mandates like this still in place??

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