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CDC Releases a Head-Scratching Study

Did the Covid vaccine “work”? By that we mean did it prevent death and hospitalization from Covid? A new study from the CDC is out and it says that the vaccine demonstrated “clinically meaningful levels of protection.”

The study compared rates of death and ventilation in people who had the Covid vaccine. They found that the people whose vaccines were more recent were less likely to be on a ventilator or die. However, they also found that unvaccinated people were also less likely to be on a ventilator or die as a whole. They failed to summarize that in their report. 

Additionally, the authors said that they did not control for people who had previously tested positive for Covid, although they did have that data in the report. It shows that people who had previously had Covid were FAR less likely to die or be on a ventilator.

We spoke to Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist that has been warning about the Covid vaccine from the get-go, on last night’s episode of Redacted to break down this study.

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