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Change Gender With Stroke of a Pen

The Scottish government has passed reforms that will allow people to formally change their gender on their documents. This is referred to as the Self ID bill.

The bill lowers the age of changing gender from 18 to 16 and makes it far easier from a paperwork standpoint. It also removes the requirement for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

There is a process for “detransitioning,” or going “back” to birth gender so to speak.

This was a hotly-contested bill. When the bill passed, there were shouts of “shame on you” from protestors in the public galley and there were also cheers in support. Those who oppose this bill say that it will take rights away from women for single-sex spaces and sports as well as allow predators access to those spaces.

The UK government has expressed concerns over this bill and indicated that it may be prevented from becoming law by Royal Assent.

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