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China Has Something To Say About Covid

China is pushing back against U.S. narratives in an increasingly direct way.

On Monday, Chinese President Xi Xinping said that the U.S. and other Western countries “have implemented all-round containment, encirclement and suppression against us, bringing unprecedentedly severe challenges to our country’s development.”

Some say that this is unprecedented directness because Chinese politicians usually “err on the side of understatement and indirectness.” It may show that China has had it with being a scapegoat for U.S. politics. Including Covid.

This week Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning accused the U.S. of “political manipulation” regarding the origins of Covid. She pushed back on the World Health Organization’s statements that China has not cooperated with Covid investigations. Instead, she said that they have “shared more data and research findings than any other country and contributed the most on origins-tracing.”

“It is quite clear what the US is trying to achieve,” Ning said. “While claiming to take origins-tracing seriously, the US has never invited WHO expert groups to the US for joint study, or shared any early data. Instead, it has turned a blind eye to the world’s concerns about US bio-military bases at Fort Detrick and around the world.”

Fort Detrick? China says that the WHO and other international bodies have asked the U.S. to participate in lab investigations inside its own borders and they have refused. So this Covid-came-from-a-lab theory, could it have been a U.S. lab?? In fact the China has been asking for these labs to be invetigated since at least 2021.

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