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Europe’s Man-Made Energy Crisis

Europe’s severe energy crisis remains severe. Germany now says that it cannot afford to shut down nuclear energy plants because it cannot be sure how much gas it will receive from Russia this winter.

Germany had set a goal to shut down nuclear plants by 2022. Well, here we are in 2022 amidst a politically-created energy crisis and that doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Not to mention that it really doesn’t need to be done given that nuclear power is one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly energy sources we’ve got.

Russia has not yet resumed gas delivery on the Nord Stream pipeline. The country is blaming Western sanctions, which is backing European leaders into a corner.

Ukrainians will also find themselves in an energy bind as Ukraine has shut down its Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which supplied the country with at least one-fifth of its electricity. A fire broke out at the power plant on Monday due to shelling by Ukrainian forces. International nuclear investigators have been on the scene for several days and were there during yesterday’s shelling. Over 600,000 people in Ukraine are without power as a result.

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