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Get Ready For The Tripledemic

Do not get comfortable that we’re out of the pandemic because we have a new variant and a new tripledemic coming. With the impending flu season, the media is warming us up for what they are calling a “tripledemic.” It is a trifecta of Covid, flu and RSV.

And what does NBC in their benevolence and totally non-conflicted advice suggest? Vaccine up of course! Because lucky us, there is a vaccine now for each one of those things!

Only, the two RSV vaccines on the market have some pretty terrible clinical trials to show for them. We showed you these clinical trials when we covered the one for babies called Beyfortis here. We did the same for the one for adults over 65 called Arexvy here. The flu vaccine was formulated in March based on “the influenza vaccine production method,” meaning what vaccine makers thought they could make, but had no clinical trials. The Covid vaccine, well, that we’ve covered extensively.

Given the low death rate for these three things, why such a big vaccine push? Could it be because the media is paid by big pharma? Seems like an Occam’s razor, right?

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