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Go Get The Paddle

A school district in Missouri is going to start spanking kids with paddles this school year because, you know, they’re little monsters, right?

Schools around the U.S. have reported behavior problems galore since the pandemic. In July, National Center for Education Statistics released a study that showed 87% of public schools report that the pandemic negatively impacted socio-emotional development and 83% said that students behavior development was also stunted.

So…corporal punishment? That’s what one school district in Missouri decided to do. Only experts agree that physical punishment does not act as a deterrent. In fact, spanking causes MORE behavior problems. Also spanking is highly correlated with lower grades so you’d think a school was the last place to use corporal punishment.

What do you think? Given that lockdowns were extremely hard on children, should we spank them to get them back in line?

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