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Here Come The Strikes

On Monday more than 15,000 nurses walked out in Minnesota to protest overwork, understaffing and underpay. According to The Washington Post, this is the “largest strike of private-sector nurses in U.S. history.”

Nurses have not had a break since March of 2020. They have had it. The hospital they work for tried to take the dispute to mediation but the nurses refused. They say that early talks for solutions have gone nowhere so they needed a drastic display of their discontent.

Meanwhile, U.S. rail workers are also poised to strike. A 30-day moratorium for a strike ends Friday and rail workers say that they’re ready to walk off the job if they can’t resolve the dispute around working qualify-of-life concerns. What do they want? To not be on call 24/7 every week of the year.

Keep in mind that 40% of the goods that are delivered to your neighborhood from a distance come by rail so unless you grow your own or make your own, that means what you are used to buying will come WAY slower this year.

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