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Israel: No Rules

The U.S. State Department faked a report saying that Israel is NOT blocking aid in Gaza. This according to a former U.S. official who resigned over this.

According to The Guardian:

“Stacy Gilbert left her post as senior civil military adviser in the state department’s bureau of population, refugees and migration, on Tuesday. She had been one of the department’s subject matter experts who drafted the report mandated under national security memorandum 20 (NSM-20) and published on 10 May.

The NSM-20 report found that it was “reasonable to assess” that Israel had used US weapons in a way that was “inconsistent” with international humanitarian law, but that there was not enough concrete evidence to link specific US-supplied weapons to violations.”

The State Department went on to conclude that Israel was not blocking aid in Gaza. Why would they do this? Because if Israel was violating the Foreign Assistance Act, “the US would be obliged to cut arms sales and security assistance to any country found to have blocked delivery of US aid.”

As if they would. Under the, UN charter of disarmament, it is illegal to provide weapons to countries that have nuclear weapons and the U.S. has known for decades that Israel has those.

All this to say: Rules don’t apply.

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