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Italy Breaks The Glass Ceiling

Italy elected new leaders this weekend and what was once known as a far-right fringe party is now the dominant party, led by a woman, Giorgia Meloni, who is set to become the country’s first female prime minister.

The media is calling her extreme. E.U. leader Ursula von der Leyen was asked about this election and issued a veiled threat to sanction Italy if they voted for this party. That is mostly because Meloni and her party are not in lockstep with Russian sanctions and an open wallet for Ukraine.

Meloni is bullish on the economy which is clearly hurting Italians. The country has a debt of 150% gross domestic product and a rising energy crisis.

These pro-Italian sentiments are what worries the E.U. the most. They want an Italy that is in line with Europe, not antagonistic to it. Many wonder if this is the first step towards a break with the E.U. Italexit as it were? We’re watching for this too!

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