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Just Act Like You Want Peace

The Washington Post this weekend reported that the U.S. wants Ukraine to signal peace to Russia but not actually begin peace talks. Put another way, just pretend you want peace so you can go on asking for money and weapons.

The article says: “The request by American officials is not aimed at pushing Ukraine to the negotiating table, these people said. Rather, they called it a calculated attempt to ensure the government in Kyiv maintains the support of other nations facing constituencies wary of fueling a war for many years to come.”

Ukraine President Zelensky signed a law forbidding peace talks with Russia a few weeks ago. If this article is true, the West wants that law retracted to make it “seem” as though Ukraine could talk of peace in order to get other countries to continue supporting Ukraine.

So in other words, reverse-psychology for all other Western leaders? Would this work? Or would it have worked had this article not been published?

The official quoted in the story says that “Ukraine fatigue is a real thing” and that the U.S. has to renew enthusiasm somehow. OR they could try for actual peace!

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