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Massive W.H.O. Protests in Japan

Tens of thousands of people showed up in Japan to protest the World Health Organization this weekend. This is an impressive crowd and I bet you didn’t hear much about it, did you?

They are protesting the WHO Pandemic Treaty, which we have often warned about. It would hand sovereign power to the WHO to enforce lockdowns, vaccines, mask mandates, and information control to prevent “infodemics.” President Biden is all for it, but many people in Japan say no!

Speakers at the Japanese events included Molecular Pathology Professor Masayasu Inoue warned that the WHO’s budget is funded by pharmaceutical companies and stakeholders like the Bill Gates Foundation. That is true. He said that our “health is being used as a weapon.” Also true. He also warned of a “third world war fought with information.” Yep.

Japan is not alone in its opposition. Australia, Iran, New Zealand, Slovakia, and the Netherlands are among many government bodies that have rejected the Pandemic Treaty. It is scheduled for a vote in May even though the most recent draft has not been published.

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