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Meet The New Mayor

Meet Patrick, the Shetland pony who is also the mayor.

Residents of Cockington, a village in Devon County in England, recently decided to give Patrick the therapy pony the unofficial title of mayor. There have been other animal mayors in the world before, but Patrick is the U.K.’s first pony mayor.

Because life/the world is scary and PONIES.

While Patrick can’t make any actual decisions, because, you know, he’s a pony, he has helped raise money for two defibrillators in the village and funds for the people of Ukraine.

But it’s not all fun and charity. Patrick was a regular at local bar The Drum Inn before his recent promotion, where he enjoyed the occasional Guinness. While there were reports that Patrick had been banned because the bar didn’t get proper permission for Patrick’s fence in the backyard garden, it seems like the council is only considering enforcement against the bar for building said fence.

Every mayor needs a little scandal, right?

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