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Meet Your Next “Deadly” Virus

Is Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever the next fever? The World Health Organization and the media seem to think so.

We are being told that some cases have been reported in Spain and that it most likely will move West. The last case in Spain were in 2016 but more recent deaths have happened in Pakistan.

CCHF is a virus that causes headaches, high fever, back and joint pain, stomach ache and vomiting. It was first described in Soviet-era Crimea and researchers said it was indistinguishable from a Congo virus that caused febrile illnesses. Thus the name. It is transmitted through ticks and livestock but once humans are infected, they can infect one another too. It is said to have a 40-60% fatality rate.

The media is picking up on this as a climate change issue although there is no proof of that. But keep in mind that the WHO has already warned us that they need global powers to address climate change because it could lead to pandemics.

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