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Minnesota To Become Safe Haven for Pedophiles

Minnesota may be a safe haven for pedophiles if Representative Leigh Finke passes bill HF 1655.

The bill provides protection for various sexual orientations but it excludes adults who have “a physical or sexual attachment to children.” Finke, a transgender person, proposes removing that exclusionMeaning that pedophiles would be a protected sexual orientation. 

Why do this? If MAP is a protected sexual orientation, how would it be criminalized? Aren’t we supposed to be the generation of parents that listens when our children talk so that sexual abuse doesn’t happen? Instead, we seem to be creating a world where it can happen more.

Finke was elected in 2022 after he campaigned on a promise to codify medical transition into law. Finke has written books targeted at youth aged 12 to 17 as a guide for young queer lifestyles. The books advocate that children under 18 visit sex shops as a part of their self-exploration.

There is a movement online to re-brand pedophiles as minor-attracted persons (MAP) or youth-attracted persons (YAP). Recently, a YAP flag showed up on Twitter and Elon Musk suspended the account saying that is “not tolerated on this platform.” If you see this flag online, report it.

Also, this reminder, that this has nothing to do with the LGB community.

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