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Moms Beg For Help

A moms’ group is begging the Biden administration to get victims of the opioid crisis real help. This group has posted signs around Washington D.C. asking President Biden to “Please Help My Son Escape Addiction the Way You Helped Hunter.”

On Thursday’s episode of Redacted, we speak to one of these moms who bravely shares her story of agony and helplessness in helping her son. She is a part of, a group that is asking cities to rethink legal consumption cites and focus on actual rehab.

Her son compared his addiction in San Francisco to Pleasure Island from the movie Pinocchio. He told her, “It’s like getting all the candy and treats that you think you want. YOu think you’re having fun. But little by little it’s taking away your humanity and turning you into something you were never meant to be, like how the kids start turning into donkeys in Pinocchio, and then end up trapped in cages.”

Surely we can do better as a society than that!

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