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More War Before Peace Talks?

Could the U.S. be willing to work with China to seek peace in Ukraine? In a Washington Post Live interview, Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated that they might.

The Washington Post reports that the Biden administration wants to wait to see if Ukraine makes any gains on the battlefield which would strengthen their bargaining position. By this, we interpret that they want to re-take areas that have since voted to leave Ukraine. Still, any sign of dropping the antagonism to peace could be progress.

China again reiterated that it is ready to lead peace talks between Russia and Ukraine and Russia has repeately said that they are open to this.

Then again, the Biden administration said this before Russia said that it holds the U.S. accountable for the attack on the Kremlin.

Russian spokesperson Dmitri Peskov said that Ukraine’s attack on the Kremlin stemmed from the U.S.

“Such decisions – the definition of goals, the definition of means, and so on – all this is dictated to Kiev from Washington, and we are well aware of this,” Peskov told reporters.

President Putin’s first response on the attack was this: “The last time the enemy bombed Moscow was in 1942.” He convened a Security Council meeting on Thursday to discuss “full-scale counter-actions.”

An oil refinery in southern Russia was hit by a Ukrainian drone and an oil refinery caught fire but it was quickly put out.

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