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🚨 He did what? – August 04 2022


Happy Thursday. Check out these stunning images of the Cartwheel Galaxy from the James Webb Space Telescope!

credit: nasa

In Case You Missed It. 

😂 President Zelenskiy says he would like China to join his side of the war against Russia. It never hurts to ask!

🇦🇫 The Taliban says it is investigating the U.S. claims that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a drone strike in Kabul. They say that they don’t know anything about this. The U.S. also admits they don’t have al-Zawahiri’s body or a DNA confirmation. So….

🚨 Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski tragically died in a car crash along with two staffers and one other person.

😶‍🌫️ Napa County is dealing with an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that they think came from contaminated misting devices or air conditioning systems.

🇦🇺 Australia passed a bill to lower carbon emissions by 43% by the year 2030.

💉 Regeneron, once thought to be the antibody hero of the pandemic, has ended clinical trials because it has been found to be ineffective against current Covid variants.

📈 The U.S. stock market was up on Thursday because there was no war with China. Yet?

The Lead: And So It Begins


China has mobilized its military further and is ominously circling Taiwan with live-fire drills. This is in response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

“The exercises have begun,” China’s navy said on Thursday.

Exercises you say? This is the closest that China’s military has been to Taiwan, within 12 miles of the coast in some instances. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that China is also firing Dongfeng ballistic missiles into the waters. China warned ships in the area to steer clear.

The Taiwanese military said that it used flares to warn off drones that were getting too close to the Kinmen and Beiding islands.

The European Union and the G7 leaders condemned these “exercises” saying that they are “unnecessary escalation.”

So the uncomfortable question remains: Is this just a throat clearing from China that will end when their anger dies down? Or will it turn into something more?

No Laughing Matter

jon stewart being interviewed credit: reuters

The Senate passed a bill to protect veterans and give them easier access to healthcare but only after comedian Jon Stewart threw an absolute fit about it.

The bill was blocked last week by Senate Republicans that had some budgetary concerns that they did not have when they passed it the first time. Stewart lost his mind and threw the entire weight of his celebrity behind this bill because this is a cause he has strapped his wagon to unequivocally. The Senate put those concerns aside and passed the damn thing.

The bill will allow veterans who are ill and wounded from their service to access more extensive and accessible healthcare than was previously the case. Many of these veterans were exposed to dangerous toxins such as burn pits and agent orange and are suffering from lasting health repercussions. Helping them with basic health coverage is literally the least we can do and the last thing we should be trying to cut corners on.

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Is Being Trans Contagious?

credit: getty

new study concludes that there is not a social contagion element to transgender children. Or does it? That is the media’s interpretation of the study but it is not really what the study shows.

The study shows that more transgender youth were biological males than biological females. The ratio was 1.5 biological males to 1 biological females. The study also showed that the number of transgender children went down between 2017 and 2019 from 2.4% to 1.6%.

Trans advocates say that this disproves a controversial 2018 study by Dr. Lisa Littman who coined the term “rapid onset gender dysphoria” in which she says that an increasing number of biological females are experiencing gender dysphoria and doing so later in life, which is atypical of gender dysphoria.

Does this new study disprove Dr. Littman’s research? The study’s authors say that the belief that gender dysphoria is more common in biological girls has been used to deny them gender-affirming care and in fact, there is legislation like this being debated in many states. But this study does not address social contagion and later-onset gender dysphoria, which is at the heart of Littman’s work. Surely there should be room for that research if we didn’t live in such a frenzied cancel culture.

People Are Turning Off CNN

credit: getty

Why is CNN struggling so much with ratings and profit? That is what they are desperately trying to figure out.

For the first time since 2016, CNN’s profits dropped below $1 billion, well short of the target $1.1 billion. That sounds like plenty of money but it’s not enough to run a huge conglomerate like CNN. Rumor has it that CEO Chris Licht has stopped down on travel and made other budget cuts to help stop the bleeding.

But why are viewers soured on CNN?

Could it be because they pushed a Covid vaccine without asking any hard questions about it as if they were a round-the-clock advertisement? Could it be because they went all in on the January 6 committee, which has no judicial authority to punish anyone? Could it be because they hyperventilated anti-Trump rhetoric for four years and then had no identity once he was gone?

CNN is not making journalistic choices such as the ones made recently by Kim Iversen who left Rising over editorial censorship. Instead, they are trying to be a more centrist news source, not right or left, just down the middle. Which is a fine idea, sure, but only if you’ve kept and/or earned back viewers’ trust. Which, in my humble opinion, CNN has not.

News By The Numbers

10,000. That is how many soldiers the U.S. army thinks it will be short this year due to a recruiting crisis.

80%. That is the current inflation rate in Turkey. And you thought 9% was bad!?

8%. That is the salary increase that workers at Shell are getting because the company hit record profits this quarter of $11.5 billion.

What’s Trending?

giphy.gif credit: twitter

Monica Lewinsky is trending because she would like Beyoncé to remove her name from the song “Partition” in which she sings that someone “Monica Lewinsky’d all on her gown.” Obviously no one would want their name made into a verb for that act. Especially not one that was done TO her and not BY her.

Tina Turner is trending because of a line in an old Beyoncé song: “Eat the cake, Anna Mae.” Here is the background to that line. This comes as people are already discussing questionable lines in her music. See above Lewinsky reference.

CancelNetflix is trending because users are pissed that the network canceled First Kill after only one season.

Woody is trending because of this video in which Woody insists that Jessie hug her biggest fan during a Disney parade.

Cracker Barrel is trending because they announced a plant-based breakfast sausage and most people think that they are playing to the wrong crowd.

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