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🚨 Back to the Future – December 12 2023


Happy Tuesday. 

The chair has fallen. This chair that has been dangling off a rooftop in New Jersey for years finally fell due to bad weather. The chair was a local celebrity with its own Facebook page but alas, it fell this weekend. Fans are proposing now following a red suitcase. 


In Case You Missed It. 

❤️ Seattle was ranked the best U.S. city to be single. 

🇷🇺 Lawyers for Alexei Navalny say that they are not able to contact him.

💸 House Speaker Mike Johnson will meet with Ukrainian President Zelensky today. He continues to commit to vetoing aid to Ukraine without additional funds for U.S. border security.

🧱 A seven-story building in the Bronx collapsed on Monday but authorities say no one was seriously hurt. 

🇹🇷 Turkish football (soccer) has been suspended after a team president beat up a referee

☕️ The U.S. is no longer the "branded coffee shop capital" in the world. China is.

💊 Myanmar is now the world's largest opioid producer after the Taliban banned production in Afghanistan. 

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*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


Lead: United Nations Tries Again For Peace

credit: al jazeera

The United Nations will meet today to vote on yet another ceasefire in Gaza. This comes after members Egypt and Mauritania invoked UN Resolution 377 ‘Uniting for Peace.’

Resolution 377 allows the UN to take action if there is an indication that the UN Security Council may have failed to “exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security." The failed vote for a ceasefire last weekend was that indication. 

What does this mean? It means that the UN could adopt a resolution to demand a ceasefire but it does not mean that Israel would then have to do it. Recall that the UN never voted to allow the U.S. to attack Iraq but they did it anyway.

British Soldiers in the E.U. Army?

credit: reuters

Could British soldiers be “tricked” into joining a European army? That can’t be because the UK voted for Brexit so they’re not a part of the E.U., right? Right? Not so fast. 

Politicians are warning that a tricky trade agreement called the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) could be used to pull the UK right back into the EU army. It calls for “the stronger involvement of the UK in European security and defence projects; welcomes, in this context, the decision of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) members and the Council of 14 November 2022 to invite the UK to join the Military Mobility PESCO project, which would improve mutual rapid security and defence assistance; calls on the Member States to sign the administrative agreement on Military Mobility with the UK as soon as possible.”

That sure does sound like a mandate for military cooperation. Former Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman calls this trade agreement a NATO replacement that would undermine the voters’ choice to leave the European Union. 

The Fed Meets Tomorrow


Gold and Silver prices jumped last week on news the Fed may be done with rate hikes. We'll know more tomorrow at their big meeting and it could mean more great news for precious metals.  

Bank of America expects gold to hit $3,000 an ounce, and America's largest precious metals company Lear Capital is giving away one ounce of silver for every ounce of gold you buy! They're also giving you $250 in your account. That's free money.

So as the U.S. dollar continues to face massive debt pressure, investors have been pouring back into precious metals. If you have your retirement in a dollar format, then it will continue to lose value every day that it's there in a bank. It's time to move some of your retirement into gold and silver and away from government currencies.  

Gold and Silver have sustained for over 4,000 years while every government currency in world history has collapsed. Every one of them. Will this time be any different? Of course not. 

Right now, you can get a FREE gold kit and learn how gold and silver can help you protect your family against these central banks. Visit right now to get your TOTALLY FREE Gold Kit and start taking action today. 

Well We Didn't See That One Coming

credit: cop28

Reducing fossil fuels is the way to stop climate change, right? Maybe not. After the COP28 climate conference in Dubai last week, a new resolution removes the plan to reduce fossil fuels. 

Could that be because there is no research that shows that reducing fossil fuels will have the desired effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions? In a video conference leading up to the COP28, the United Arab Emirates' Sultan Al Jaber said that the phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’ and asked for actual data showing that this would solve greenhouse gas emissions. He did not get a straight answer but he did get a lecture from former Irish president Mary Robinson. 

That is because most serious researchers know that increasing prosperity and quality of life in developed nations is what actually lowers emissions. The United States and Europe both saw emissions peak due to the use of affordable energy and China says that it too has peaked and none of those countries reduced oil or gas to achieve this. 

The new COP28 document does not mandate a reduction of fossil fuels but softens the language to a plan to reduce "consumption and production of fossil fuels, in a just, orderly and equitable manner so as to achieve net zero [carbon emissions] by, before, or around 2050 in keeping with the science." 

The EU is threatening to leave the COP28 because of this.

News By The Numbers


1.5 million. That is how many times this Back To The Future 4 trailer has been viewed. It features Tom Holland as Jake McFly but thankfully it is not real. Leave this great 80's franchise alone please, you've already screwed up Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars. 

 $9. That is the monthly fee for the new streaming news network launched by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

151. That is how many citizens of the Czech Republic have joined the Ukraine army in order to avoid legal problems. This was based on an official offer from the government and over 500 people applied. 

What's Trending?

credit:  x

Tommy Devito is trending because of his performance in Monday Night Football but also because his agent, Sean Stellato, wore this outfit and people loved it because of course that is the archetype of an Italian American sports agent! Forgettaboutit!

Netflix is trending because of an outage that happened Monday night. My son was home sick and was furious that he couldn’t finish Lupin. 

Champions League is trending because there are matches today and tomorrow.

Media Matters Investigated For Fraud… Again

X headquarters credit: ap

Media Matters is facing another legal battle over alleged attempts to trick advertisers into pulling money from what they call "extreme speech." Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has put the company on notice of a new investigation with this letter.

Media Matters is already facing a federal lawsuit from X alleging that the company engaged in "coordinated, inauthentic behavior on X to manipulate algorithms, defame the organization, and influence advertisers to withdraw their support, thereby harming free speech. The lawsuit accuses Media Matters of misleading the public and soliciting charitable donations under false pretenses." 

The Missouri investigation demands that Media Matters retain all records pertaining to fundraising and coordinating this interference of the social network formerly known as Twitter. 

In a nutshell, they say that Media Matters makes it seem like extreme speech is happening on Twitter and bullies big companies like Apple to pull ads on that false premise. The aim is to collapse these platforms in order to silence conversations that they don't like. 

Media Matters says that they haven't done this but now it will be up to them to prove it. 


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