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🚨 Big Boy – July 11 2024

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Happy Thursday.

A Japanese comedian is renting himself out as an "ugly man." For a fee, he will accompany other men to group dates to make them look better or help ladies rehearse for blind dates. You gotta' admire the ingenuity! 














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In Case You Missed It

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🤦🏻‍♂️ The House of Representatives passed a bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote. Only five Democrats voted in favor of the bill. It is unlikely to pass the Senate. 

🧴 Hotels in New York City will be banned from providing single-use plastic toiletry bottles starting January 1.

🎯 A City Attorney in Sacramento reportedly threatened to charge Target with a public nuisance charge if they continued to report theft. 

💣 The U.S. will resume shipping 500-pound bombs to Israel. 

💊 Pfizer will move forward with a daily weight loss pill after what they call "encouraging" early trial data. 

📺 You can catch last night's full Redacted live show right here

The Lead: NATO Condemns China

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At the NATO Summit in Washington D.C., the organization declared that China is responsible for the war in Ukraine. 

This is how they figure that: Russia uses "weapons components, equipment, and raw materials" that come from China, which means that China enables the war with Russia. By that logic, the United States is enabling the war on Gaza if that's what we're doing. Recent reports show that Israel used U.S. bombs to attack a school that was sheltering civilians. 

Western countries have been trying to get China to break ties with Russia for decades and especially since the 2022 Special Military Operation in Ukraine. China has so far refused. NATO now says that the People's Republic of China "cannot enable the largest war in Europe in recent history without this negatively impacting its interests and reputation." 

What does that mean exactly? That NATO sees China as a threat? 

NATO also declared itself a nuclear alliance "as long as nuclear weapons exist." Meaning that NATO nations WILL have nuclear weapons, whether you like it or not. The organization's nuclear strategy is a hybrid of "deterrence and defense," they say.  

AOC Tries To Stack The Court

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has filed articles of impeachment for two Supreme Court Justices, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. This is not a move that will likely succeed but a precedent that when a politician does not like the outcome of the court, they can try to destroy the court and alter it in their favor. 

AOC says that both justices have failed to disclose "financial and personal entanglements." It's odd she never had a problem with the Biden's "financial and personal entanglements." Or with Justice Sotomayor's

It seems clear that Democrats are desperate to get Supreme Court appointments because they know that they will lose the next election. Earlier this week, Senator Elizabeth Warren said that she supported adding new justices "to rein in a Court that Republicans packed and that clearly doesn’t feel limited by the rule of law." 

President Biden has only had one Supreme Court pick during his term and for Democrats, that is not enough given the court's recent decisions that they don't like. They say that the court is "threatening American democracy." One could argue that subverting the judicial system because you don't like the outcome is also "threatening American democracy."

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Clooney Pulls Off The Ultimate Heist

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Et tu, Brute? 

Those were supposedly the words of Julius Caesar when one of his dearest friends joined in the job that killed him. In this case, Brute is Barack Obama and George Clooney and Caesar is President Biden. 

George Clooney published an opinion piece in the New York Times admitting that President Biden is too old and tired to run for reelection. The piece, titled "I Love Joe Biden. But We Need a New Nominee" declared that "the one battle [Biden] cannot win is the fight against time. None of us can. It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate."

This comes just weeks after Clooney hosted a fundraiser for the President that brought in $30 million for him. I'd be pretty miffed if I'd donated to Clooney's fundraiser only to have him turn on the candidate he asked me to donate for, wouldn't you? 

Now the New York Post reports that former President Obama knew about this article but did not try to dissuade the actor. "The lack of pushback is an eye-popping revelation given that the former president was one of the first big voices defending Biden following his abysmal debate performance," according to Politico

Who cares about celebrity politics, right? What is noteworthy here is how many Brutes are in politics at all. 

President Biden will hold his "big boy" press conference today so maybe that will change some minds. 

What's Trending? 

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Huma Abedin is trending. She was a former aide to Hillary Clinton whose husband Anthony Weiner was caught sexting with minors. She is engaged to be married again to Alex Soros, son of George Soros. 

Barron Trump is trending because he attended a rally with his father, former President Trump, and the President said that Barron will be attending college soon but did not say which school.

Ellen DeGeneres is trending because she said that she will retire from show business after her comedy tour. She was canceled for being mean. She admitted: “I am many things, but I am not mean.”

News By The Numbers

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21. That is how many stories about Prince William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury have been scrubbed from media outletsin the UK, according to an investigation by Vulture. Why is that, do you think? 

2. That is how many suitcases were found with "human remains" in the U.K. on Wednesday.

Free. That is how much a slurpee costs today because it is 7-Eleven's Slurpee Day

Is Inflation Deflating? Not So Fast

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Consumer prices are still rising but they're rising slower. The government is calling that "inflation easing." It's inflation but it's easier than what it was. Does that make you feel any better? 

Prices for consumer products were 3% higher in June of 2024 than they were in June of 2023. That is not good but at least it is lower than the 3.3% that was reported in May. 

Experts are hoping that this "easing" will inspire the Federal Reserve to issue its first rate cut since increasing rates over the last two years. Consumers may not like hearing that their bills are 3% higher but the stock market did. The Dow Jones was up on this news. 


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