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🚨 Blackouts – October 20 2022


Happy Thursday.

This is the first-ever video of a black Canadian lynx, according to a Canadian researcher. That’s a big black cat just in time for Halloween! 

In Case You Missed It

📈 Inflation in the European Union hit 10.9% in September, a new record. 

🇮🇹 Inflation in Italy rose 8.9% in September as electricity prices exceeded 136% annually

🤦🏻‍♂️ Jeff Bezos warned that the economy is going to get a lot worse so we should all "batten down the hatches." 

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*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


The Lead: The War in Ukraine 

The Kerch bridge. credit:

Russia is preparing for a major Ukrainian and NATO assault on the newly-Russian-recognized regions of the Donbas. In preparation, Russian President Putin instated martial law in those four regions. 

This means that they are trying to evacuate citizens but will use any person or property in the area if necessary if they need it, with compensation. They will also monitor group activity and mobile communication and have banned transmitter radios. It's as serious as it sounds. 

Turning off the spigot

Meanwhile, Republicans in the U.S. have signaled that if they win a majority in Congress next month, they will slow down or eliminate the aid to Ukraine. A Ukrainian official told the Financial Times that they are "shocked" by this. Ukraine needs an unlimited supply of resources if it is going to continue to refuse peace agreements, which is exactly what an advisor to Ukraine's army told CNN. Ukraine wants to take back both the Donbas and Crimea and will continue to rebuff Russia's peace talk invitation and many lives will be lost in that pursuit. Peace talks now! 

Grocery Shortages On The Rise

Last week the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, and prices as the grocery store are at their highest levels in decades. Shopping at the grocery store costs 28% more than using Hello Fresh. That's right. With inflation and sanctions driving up prices you might have noticed your grocery bills are going up. Do you want to save 28% on your grocery bill? Want delicious ingredients shipped right to your door? Want to prepare amazing meals in under 30 minutes? Want to get 65% off for trying it out? Then you're in luck. 

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Will Covid Vaccines Be Required To Attend School?

credit: fda

The Centers for Disease Control voted to recommend that the Covid vaccine be added to the routine vaccine schedule for children. They now recommend the Covid vaccine be added to routine vaccines that children are given from infancy and up, such as polio, diphtheria, etc. 

The committee voted unanimously in the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting. 

This does not mean that children will have to get the Covid vaccine to attend school or other public events. Required vaccines are decided by each state. But individual states could use this recommendation to instate these mandates. 

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has spoken out against this and so have many other physicians. We discuss how this could bridge the liability gap for the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine and other concerns about this move in this episode of Redacted. 

News By The Numbers

credit: lcg auctions

$39,000. That is how much someone paid in an auction for the original 2007 iPhone, still in a box. 

$48,550. That is how much the new NIO ET5 electric car in Norway costs. 

10%. That is how much weight training can lower your mortality, especially if you are over 65, according to a new study.  

U.S. Readies for War Against China

giphy.gifcredit: reuters

The U.S. Navy is preparing to fight China over Taiwan. Even though the United States' official policy is that there is one China, which includes Taiwan. You're in good company if you think that doesn't make sense.

China warned that it will be strengthening its military and that it now has full control over Hong Kong and that full control of Taiwan is next on the country's to-do list. The U.S. does not want that and seems prepared to fight to prevent it. President Biden said as much on 60 Minutes last month, even though the White House walked that back a few hours later. 

Now Nikkei Asia is reporting that the U.S. is in talks to co-produce weapons with Taiwan in order to "increase capacity for U.S.-designed arms, speed their transfer and strengthen deterrence towards China." 

How do we think China will take that? What's that about a One China policy again? 

BBC Prepares Blackout Propaganda

giphy.gifcredit: bbc

Newscasters will tell you that your power will come back in 48 hours, even if they don't know that is true. This is according to scripts that the BBC has prepared for rolling blackouts this winter. 

The national energy advisory board in the U.K. has warned of possible three-hour blackouts this winter due to the energy crisis. The Guardian found the scripts the BBC has prepared for corporations in the event of a "'major loss of power' that causes mobile phone networks, internet access, banking systems or traffic lights to fail across England, Wales and Scotland." 

The BBC worked with the British government to prepare these scripts to be read on public radio and other public channels. It suggests that the government and major corporations are preparing for this doomsday situation and maybe we all should be too. Yikes! 

What's Trending?

credit: twitter

Shakira is trending because she released a new single with Ozuna called Monotonía. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is trending because he started a YouTube channel dedicated to second amendment rights. In his first upload, he says he is going to use the channel to give advice, but he doesn't know if it's good advice. 

Christiano Ronaldo is trending because he walked through a tunnel too early during a football (soccer) match. 

Matthew Perry is trending because he launched a new book and in it he reveals how close he got to death due to his opioid addiction. 

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