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🚨 Boots on the ground – November 02 2022


Happy Wednesday. 

Democrats, losing in the polls for the upcoming midterm elections, have taken on airplane legroom as a cause. No more shrinking legroom on flights, they say! Will this attract single-issue voters? 

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In Case You Missed It.

👙 Tumblr has reversed its nudity policy, meaning it is now allowed. 

🇨🇱 A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Chile on Tuesday.

🎥 Capitol Police say that there were special cameras monitoring the Pelosi home during the attack on Paul Pelosi, but no one was watching them. Whoops! 

🇮🇱 Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be leading in exit polls, but the election count is not yet final. 

🇧🇷 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will begin the transition of power but did not actually concede the election to President-Elect Lula da Silva. 

🇰🇵 North Korea fired 17 missiles into the sea on Wednesday and South Korea called this “territorial encroachment.” 

📺 We had a very busy live Redacted show last night. You can watch the replay right here.  














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The Lead: Energy Crisis

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An energy crisis looks to implode soon in the U.S. and Europe. In the U.S., the Energy Information Administration confirms that the diesel supply is the lowest it has been since 1951. 

That is a problem because consumption is quite a bit higher than it was in 1951. The diesel supply is a little over 100 million barrels. In 1951, that would have lasted 102 days. In 2022, it would last about 25. These figures are about two weeks old meaning we are now closer to 13 days' worth of diesel, not 25. 

This has sent prices soaring by 33%, and it is expected to get worse in February when more Russian sanctions go into effect. 

Without diesel, how will food and goods be delivered? Rail? Think again. A rail strike is once again a possibility since two rail unions have rejected the proposal that the Biden administration negotiated in September, which averted a strike at the time. 

In Europe, things look equally grim. In Britain, officials have been warning about blackouts for weeks and are now testing plans for if/when they come. 

In Finland, officials are warning of blackouts this coming winter. Russia halted electricity supply to Finland in May for non-payment. Finland is scrambling to put a nuclear power plant online but that is still a few months away. 

U.S. Boots on the Ground

credit: ap

American troops are in fact on the ground in Ukraine, according to several U.S. media reports. A Pentagon official says that U.S. troops are “monitoring NATO arms deliveries.” 

The official said that troops are not on the front line but would not say where they are. This follows the U.S. State Department’s announcement that U.S. personnel would continue to assist with weapons handling and inspections. The state department did not say the U.S. military would get involved. They just said personnel. 

This is an important distinction. Is there a military presence or isn’t there? President Biden repeatedly assured the American people that putting troops on the ground in Ukraine is “not on the table.” So maybe we’re dealing with a different table? Don’t we deserve an explanation on this vague weapons mission if we are risking the lives of troops for a war we are not technically in? 

The Biden administration continues to ramp up the war talk. On Monday, he condemned oil companies for “war profiteering.” Did Congress declare war? No, they have not. We are living in a war-like economy and sending troops into warring countries though. 

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Are You Verified? 

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Elon Musk confirmed on Tuesday that Twitter Blue would cost $8. He hasn’t even been there a week, but things are moving fast. 

The way Musk explains it is that there has never been a fair way to distinguish who gets a blue check and who doesn’t. This is true. He asserts that a paid system will reward content creators and give Twitter a needed revenue stream. 

A lot of blue checks are having fits about this and declaring that they won’t stand for it. Musk acknowledged this and asked users to keep complaining, but it will now cost $8 per month to do so. I’m guessing many still will because whine Tweeting is a hedonic pleasure. Plus, you can still do it for free without the blue check by your name. 

Musk says that he stole the idea of charging for insults from Monty Python.

News By The Numbers

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$15,000. That was the prize money at stake for the 2022 American Cornhole League World Championships, which is apparently a thing. Unfortunately, the event is mired in the BagGate scandal because teams were accused of playing with non-regulation-sized bean bags. 

5. That is how many lions escaped from a zoo in Sydney, Australia. They were eventually put back. 

93%. That is how many readers of the U.K. Express say that they will not read Prince Harry’s memoir when it comes out in January. 

Wait, the FBI did what? 

giphy.gifcredit: getty

The FBI provided assistance to the Canadian government to police the trucker convoy, according to new reports

Reports from a February 11 discussion between Canadian law enforcement agencies indicate that there was a “foreign element” aiding law enforcement. This foreign element provided “financial support coming from the United States.” The report further says that “There had been threats traced back to the U.S. as well. Support was being provided by the FBI.” 

The report does not say what kind of support the FBI was providing but it did say that Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was also involved. 

This February 11 meeting came around the same time that it was reported that many of the donations for the convoy were from outside of Canada, more than half from the U.S. Could the U.S. have been tracking its own citizens for donating to a cause that was antagonistic to the Canadian government? Why? 

What's Trending?

credit: NBC news

Iraq is trending because President Biden said that there is a war in Iraq and that is where his son died. Both things are not true. This is the second time he’s mistaken the cause of his son’s death. He also said he met the doctor who “invented” insulin but that doctor died before Biden was born.

Alec Bohm is trending because he hit a home run in his first at bat during Game 3 of the World Series. 

Taylor Swift is trending because tickets for her upcoming tour went on sale on Tuesday.

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