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🚨 By A Nose – May 06 2024


Happy Monday.

I’m too sexy for my shirt. That is why one Italian model says he was fired as a greeter for the Met Gala. He says that last year he got in trouble for upstaging Kylie Jenner.

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇨🇳 Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Europe this week for the first time in five years.

🚨 A driver died after crashing into the White House this weekend. Secret Service says that initial investigations do not show a threat to the President.

🔥 At least 15 states have filed lawsuits against the Biden Administration for changes to Title IX which will allow men access to female spaces and sports.

🏨 A fancy New York City Broadway hotel has reportedly been converted to an illegal immigrant shelter, paid for by taxpayers.

🚨 Iowa says that it will enforce a law criminalizing and deporting illegal immigrants. The Biden administration has threatened to sue in order to stop them but the governor says that she will not be deterred.

🇺🇦 U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries said that the U.S. may send troops to Ukraine if Kyiv falls. Meanwhile, France deployed troops to Ukraine last night. Here we go.

🇮🇱 An Israeli airbase in Israel was attacked by the Islamic Resistance.

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Lead: U.S. Stops Sending Bombs to Israel… Really?


Axios reports that the U.S. has stopped shipping weapons to Israel but Israeli officials say that they have heard no such thing.

An Israeli official told Ynet: “The stream of security shipments from the U.S. to Israel is ongoing. While individual shipments might be delayed, the overall flow remains uninterrupted, and we are not aware of any policy suspending it.”

The Axios report posits that the Biden administration is concerned with Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah. They’re not. That invasion could start this week. The Israeli army began ordering evacuations just today to what they say is a humanitarian zone that “includes field hospitals, tents and increased amounts of food, water, medication and additional supplies.”

Meanwhile the U.N’s World Food Programme spokesperson Cindy McCain says that Gaza is in “full blown famine.” Journalists in Rafah confirm that aid is not flowing to starving people.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that he may agree to a ceasefire for hostage exchange but the military will not stop pursuing Hamas.

Cancer Is The New Covid

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Pfizer says that Cancer is the new Covid and they expect their cancer drugs to be a “blockbuster.”

On Fox Business this weekend, CEO Albert Bourla, a veterinarian, said this: “Oncology, it is our new Covid. We did what we did with Covid. We are very proud to have saved the world but it is behind us now. We want to do [it] once more and I think oncology is our best chance to do it.”

Saved the world you say? The Pfizer Covid vaccine did not reduce Covid transmission nor is there any proof that it reduced the severity or death rate of Covid. Their only proof is that vaccinated people were less likely to go on respirators and even that data is shaky. Data shows that natural immunity to Covid is what ended the pandemic, not vaccination.

And how do we feel about the word “blockbuster” from a pharmaceutical company? Pfizer profits had been at record lows due to low demand for the Covid vaccine.

Trouble Sleeping?


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Nice Try Kids! 

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Students at Columbia University say that all finals should be canceled and students awarded passing grades because they are “irrevocably shaken” by the recent protests on campus.

The Columbia Law Review writes this: “The events of last night left us, and many of our peers, unable to focus and highly emotional during this tumultuous time… We believe that canceling exams would be a proportionate response to the level of distress our peers have been feeling.”

Surprisingly, the school is not planning to do that. A spokesperson for the school told the NY Post that exams will resume this week. Nice try kids!

What’s Trending?

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Met Gala is trending because that happens tonight. The theme is “Sleeping Beauties” and the dress code is Garden Of Time so break out your bedspread dress.

Aaron Judge is trending for getting thrown out of a game over a dispute with the umpire over a strike. This is the first time the slugger has been ejected from a game.

The Fall Guy is trending because the movie opened this weekend to good reviews and made over $28 million in box office sales, which is lower than original expectations.

News By The Numbers

18-to-1. That was the odds for Mystic Dan, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby this weekend in a photo finish.

15%. That is how much Peloton will cut its workforce due a major slump in sales and revenue. Shares of the stock fell to a record low on this news which included an announcement that the CEO would step down.

1.6 million. That is how many people in Brazil showed up for a free Madonna concert. This was the finale to her Celebration tour.

Israel Censors Foreign Media

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Israel’s cabinet voted to shut down Al Jazeera in Israel and raided the broadcaster’s Jerusalem office. According to the BBC, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the cabinet agreed to the closure while the war in Gaza is ongoing.”

The Israeli government has called Al Jazeera a “mouthpiece of Hamas.” Police took broadcasting equipment and prevented the BBC from covering the raid.

Why do broadcasters need to be shut down during war operations? The opposite is true. The public needs broadcasters MORE during war, not less. Press agencies are asking the Israeli government to repeal the decision and the “Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said they had filed a request to the country’s Supreme Court to issue an interim order to overturn the ban.” Al Jazeera also says that they will “pursue every legal step.”

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