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🚨 Clown world – March 21 2024


Happy Thursday.

Don Lemon has given us all a great lesson in how to be a diva. The Daily Mail published his demands for a partnership with X which included a Tesla Cybertruck, a trip to space via SpaceX, a $5 million per year advance, and the right to advise X on all “decisions related to News content.” As outrageous as that is, you’ve gotta admire his inflated sense of self!

credit: newsweek

In Case You Missed It. 

💰 The Federal Reserve says that interest rates will be slashed at least three times this year. 

✂️ The Swiss Central Bank also cut rates to 1.5%.

🤣 Ukraine says that they will root out Russian words in Kindergartens. 

🇷🇺 Russia revoked the citizenship of a man accused of spreading lies about the army. 

🇬🇧 A hospital in the UK confirms that Kate Middleton's medical records were hacked. 

🇮🇱 The U.S. has submitted a UN proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza after voting against every other ceasefire proposal since the October 7 invasion. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ A new report shows that at least 200,000 migrant deportation cases were thrown out because the U.S. failed to file proper paperwork.

🧠 The first Neuralink brain chip implant patient played a chess game with his mind

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Lead: Argentina's Belt Tightening 

credit: reuters

Argentina’s President Javier Milei is doing what he said he would do: reducing the size of the government. The Financial Times calls this taking “a chainsaw to Argentina’s state companies.” 

Argentina’s decades of socialism grew the government exponentially and shrunk the economy for its people to devastating levels of poverty. Milei was elected for pointing that out. He has cut budgets to government entities with a mandate to slash staff and revamp business plans.

As quoted in FT:

“All of these companies . . . spend 20 per cent of their budgets on delivering their specific goals, and 80 per cent on management costs,” Guillermo Francos, Milei’s interior minister, told Argentine television network LN+ last month. “We must strive for efficiency.”

Melei calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist” and has pledged to send as much business back to the private sector as possible because, clearly, the government has done a crap job of running Argentina. What do you think, will it work?  

Mess In Texas

credit: blaze

Just kidding! Now Texas CANNOT enforce its migrant bill and arrest migrants who have illegally crossed from Mexico. 

In one week, Texas went from NOT being able to enforce this law, to BEING able to enforce this law, and now again NOT being able to after yet another court ruling to keep the injunction in place.

The case revolves around Texas Senate Bill 4, which makes it a crime to cross the border outside of ports of entry, punishable by up to 6 months in prison for first-time offenders and 20 years in prison for repeat offenders. The Biden administration is suing Texas to stop it in the Supreme Court while Texas also defends it in District Court.

More than 9 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico since October of 2021, according to Customs and Border Protection data

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A Deal for Julian Assange? 

credit: bbc

Could the United States offer a deal to Julian Assange in order to end his legal nightmare? The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. has offered Assange this deal but Assange’s lawyers say that this is news to them. 

The WSJ reports that the Justice Department could offer Assange a plea deal that would end their pursuit of him. If he pleaded guilty to mishandling classified documents, which is a misdemeanor, they would count his five years in prison against this crime and end their pursuit, according to this report. 

Only Assange’s lawyers say that they “have been given no indication that the Department of Justice intends to resolve the case and the United States is continuing with as much determination as ever to seek his extradition on all 18 charges, exposing him to 175 years in prison.” 

So why would someone inside the government feed this to the press? Are they trying to help the Biden administration off the hook for this? 

And while a plea deal may be good for Assange, would it have implications for freedom of the press? Would it mean that Assange’s alleged crime could be used against other journalists who seek the truth too? 

What's Trending?

credit: warnerbros

Beetlejuice is trending (only read that once!) because of new photos of the cast from the upcoming sequel. 

Alien: Romulus is trending because of a newly-released trailer for a new movie based on the Alien franchise due out in August. 

Harmony Day is trending because it happened yesterday in Australia. After reading this, I’m not 100% sure what it is but I know you’re supposed to wear an orange shirt

News By The Numbers

18. That is how old Barron Trump turned this week. NBC senior executive Mike Sington is under fire for saying that this makes him “fair game.” By that he meant that the press left him alone because he was a minor but as a legal adult, they will leave him alone no more. What will they come after him for? He hasn’t done anything public other than be the son of someone they don’t like. 

$4.5 million. That is how much money is in question that was linked to the interpreter for Dodgers player Shohei Ohtani. The interpreter and friend for the pitcher was fired by the Dodgers in connection to this scandal. 

$34. That is the opening share price for the upcoming Reddit IPO. 

The Electric Vehicle Boondoggle

credit: istock

The Biden Administration is pushing electric vehicle mandates even though car dealers and manufacturers have begged them not to. New rules unveiled on Wednesday set the “strongest-ever pollution standards,” which many are calling a cover to eliminate gas-powered cars. 

The new standards were announced by the EPA. It limits the amount of CO2 per mile that cars can emit by 2027. Since gas-powered cars cannot meet those standards, it would push up the number of EVs that manufacturers have to make to hit averages. 

The problem is, EVs don’t sell so car makers would have to make more cars that people don’t want in order to meet these standards. According to the Wall Street Journal, “EVs made up less than 8% of new auto sales last year, and more than half were Teslas…. EPA claims the rule preserves “consumer choice” because hybrids and plug-in hybrids can help meet the standards in the early years. But auto makers will have no choice but to limit gas-powered, and increase EV, production to meet the mandates. The only ‘choice’ Americans will have in the future is electric.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson called these new rules “misguided.” He said: “This is another radical, anti-energy crusade that will limit consumer choices, raise costs on American families and devastate auto manufacturers. More regulations and higher costs are the opposite of what our country needs. I urge [President Biden] to reverse course and to do so immediately.”

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