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Happy Wednesday.

Pizza sushi is now a thing created by a chef in Tuscany. It is basically pizza ingredients served sushi style. I’d try it. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

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🇮🇱 Israel has begun using remote-controlled robotic AI guns in the West Bank.

🚢 A bomb-carrying drone struck an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of Oman.

🚨 Crypto exchange FTX has filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy, and the Wall Street Journal reports that BlockFi will be next. What about 

🇬🇧 Inflation in the U.K. hit 11.1% in October, a 41-year high. 

🚔 Actor Kevin Spacey has been charged with more sexual offenses, this time in London. 














*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00pm AM. 


The Lead: Well, These Headlines Didn't Age Well


A missile landed in Poland on Tuesday, killing at least two people. The media was quick to report that this was done by Russia and WWIII trended on Twitter because many guessed that a Russian missile in a NATO country would lead to World War III. 

That turned out to be a trigger-happy assessment and completely false. President Biden and the Pentagon both say that the missile was fired by Ukraine and images of the shell confirm that is true. An emergency meeting was called at the G20 Summit to discuss the matter. 

And a few minutes ago Polish President Andrzej Duda confirmed this missile came from Ukraine's air defense system. 

Jumping to conclusions

Isn’t it interesting how the rhetoric jumped to World War III when there was speculation that the missile was fired by Russia, but now that it seems it was fired by Ukraine, it’s very different? Oh, Ukraine? That’s okay. Carry on! 

But at least two people died from an error in weaponry inside a country that is not at war. Peace talks now! 

Trump 2: The Sequel

credit: youtube

Former President Trump is looking to become the next President Trump. He announced this intention last night. 

It’s not too surprising but, maybe a little surprising. The former President has his hands full of legal battles and he is 76 years old. I am 44 years old, and I do not have the energy for a busy campaign schedule full of late-night events. No sir! 

And then there is the issue of support. The Republican party is divided over his leadership and the media does not have the same appetite to use him for ratings, which was made obvious when CNN cut away from his announcement in their live broadcast. Also missing at this announcement event were the former President’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. They have reportedly decided not to be a part of another run for the White House and will not campaign on his behalf. They didn't attend the event last night. 

The media has made up its mind about how they will cover the Trump 2024 campaign. This headline pretty much sums it up. Defund NPR is trending for that mouthful of a title. 

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Simply Not True

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Many reports have claimed that the government of Iran has sentenced 15,000 protestors to death since the protests began around the death of Mahsa Amini.

This is not true. 

Last week the Iranian parliament issued a letter calling for harsh punishment of the protestors who have been detained. The letter said: 

“We, the representatives of this nation, ask all state officials, including the Judiciary, to treat those, who waged war [against the Islamic Republic] and attacked people’s life and property like [ISIS terrorists], in a way that would serve as a good lesson in the shortest possible time.”

A letter is not an official sentence, and no vote on the matter has taken place. Also, the letter does not specifically call for death. Also, the number of detainees, 15,000, is unconfirmed. That number comes from the U.S.-based Human Rights Activists News Agency, a group that receives funding from the National Endowment for Democracy. 

Iranian state news agency IRNA has sentenced one person to death for reportedly setting a government center on fire. Five others were given prison sentences of between 5 and 10 years, and another 1,000 will be tried in public. 

What's Trending?

credit: nasa

Artemis is trending because NASA launched the moon exploration mission, and it completed its “trans-lunar injection, a propulsive maneuver that accelerates the Orion spacecraft to more than 22,000 mph and propels it on its path to the Moon.” 

Merrick Garland is trending because many are wondering if the Attorney General will indict Former President Trump in order to put a stop to his presidential bid. 

#LGBWithoutTheT is trending as a movement unfolds to uncouple transgender rights from gay rights. This is a growing movement to protect single-sex spaces and communities, which gay people have fought so hard for. This was brought to the fore by this Tweet thread from journalist Andy Ngô in which trans women threaten to beat up women's rights protestors. Warning: it is explicit and hard to watch. 

News By The Numbers

150 feet. That is the new record for the World’s Longest Beard Chain. Participants in Wyoming stood side by side for 31 seconds in order to beat the record previously held in Germany of a 62-foot beard chain. I hope no one had lice. 

10,000. That is how many minks are missing from an Ohio farm that was vandalized and the vandals let the animals out of their cages. 

163. That is how many copies of “Where The Wild Things Are” the Brooklyn Public Library has. The library celebrated its 125-year anniversary by announcing that the classic is its most borrowed book of all time, followed by “The Snowy Day.” 

$37.7 billion. That is how much the White House asked Congress to approve in additional aid to Ukraine. It also asked for an additional $14.5 billion for “direct budget support” to Ukraine.

Laziness in France

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What is French for “lazy day?” Jour de flemmardise.

Apparently, the French have had a lot of them since the pandemic. A new study shows that the French are loath to come out of their homes and get back to work and a mere 21% say that work is important to them, compared to 60% in 1990. This comes from the French Institute of Public Opinion.

The study says that Covid lockdowns caused an “exhaustion and laziness epidemic.” In France, the government covered between 70-100% of wages for workers on furloughs and workers are not super motivated to give that up. 

Does this make them lazy? That seems like a loaded word. A member of parliament recently said that the French deserve a “right to idleness.” Don’t we all? 

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