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🚨 Cupcake – May 23 2024


Happy Thursday.

A chicken restaurant in Canada was caught trying to coerce tips by putting a label over the “No Tip” button on the credit card machine. That's fowl play! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🚨 Relatives of the Uvalde shooting victims have filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety officers who waited 77 minutes to enter the building to save the children from a mass shooter. The families have already won a separate settlement in the amount of $2 million. 

🧁 A bakery in Australia has removed Hamas cupcakes from their menu after people were understandably upset about it. There is no word if they're still offering ISIS Tea. 

🇺🇸 Another county has voted to leave Oregon and join Idaho, bringing the number of counties to try this to 13. 

🇩🇪 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany will arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if the International Criminal Court proceeds with arrest warrants. 

🇵🇰 In Pakistan, (PTI) central information secretary Rauf Hassan was attacked with a knife. Jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan told his supporters to  “wait for my street agitation call.” We will discuss this on today’s live show! 

🇬🇧 An election in the U.K. has been scheduled for July 4. 

💨 A new study shows that daily marijuana use has outpaced daily drinking. Yikes. 

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Lead: Oklahoma Fights Biden Over Illegal Immigrants

credit: getty

The Biden Administration is suing the state of Oklahoma to prevent the state from arresting illegal immigrants. The Biden Justice Department is very busy preventing states from stopping illegal immigrants. Why? 

Oklahoma’s recently passed House Bill 4156 criminalizes “impermissible occupation” and allows law enforcement to jail and deport illegals. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit arguing that H.B. 4156 "is preempted by federal law" and "violates the U.S. Constitution." 

Oklahoma lawmakers say that they will fight to defend this. The state Attorney General Gentner Drummond said this in a letter to the DOJ:

“Oklahoma is exercising its concurrent and complementary power as a sovereign state to address an ongoing public crisis within its borders through appropriate legislation. Put more bluntly, Oklahoma is cleaning up the Biden Administration’s mess through entirely legal means in its own backyard – and will resolutely continue to do so by supplementing federal prohibitions with robust state penalties.”

The Justice Department is also suing to prevent similar laws in Iowa and Texas. Using your tax dollars to do so.

Are Covid Punishments FINALLY Coming?

Peter Daszak credit: ecohealthalliance

The first Dr. Peter Daszak may be the first person to be punished for his role in the Covid-19 pandemic. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “commenced individual debarment proceedings against Dr. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, Inc.” This means that he will no longer be able to lead medical projects with taxpayer money. 

EcoHealth Alliance was the contractor that the National Institute of Health employed to conduct gain of function research, which is suspected of having a role in the possible Covid-19 lab leak. Representative Brad Wenstrup said that Dr. Daszak showed “contempt for the American people [with] his flagrant disregard for the risks associated with gain-of-function research, and [willfully violated] the terms of his NIH grant.” He is suspected of having lied to Congress about his projects in connection with the NIH.

That week HHS revoked all government funding to EcoHealth Alliance. 

So if the NIH employed EcoHealth, and EcoHealth was up to no good, we can be pretty sure Dr. Fauci is no innocent flower. One of his top advisors, Dr. Morens, testified to Congress on Wednesday about hiding emails involving Dr. Fauci. He says that the emails about hiding emails were just jokes. 

So funny, right? 

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Sorry Soros, Your Man Is Out in Oregon

loser Mike Schmidt credit: nypost

It turns out that voters don’t like high homicide rates and drug overdose deaths. Voters in ultra-liberal Portland, Oregon just voted out the District Attorney whose policies have turned the city into a dystopic hell hole. 

George Soros-backed DA Mike Schmidt lost to one of his own deputies, Nathan Vasquez, who ran on the platform of taking “lawless behavior seriously and [enforcing] our laws.” So radical! 

In 2022 San Francisco did the same with its lawlessness-loving DA Chesa Boudin. Some say that this should be a warning to all progressive DAs, particularly Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who is up for re-election next year. Guess what? People want to live in an orderly and safe society. Who knew?

What's Trending?

credit: tatler

Kate Middleton is trending because of this painting of her on the cover of Tatler Magazine. Read the comments on Instagram and Twitter/X for some time-wasting fun. 

Kelly Rowland is trending because she got into a tiff with security while on the red carpet in Cannes. 

Accordion is trending because the Google Doodle today celebrates the anniversary of the day in 1829 when the accordion was patented in Germany. 

News By The Numbers

5.8 hours. That was the average daily smartphone use time for teen girls in a recent study in Finland. The study concluded, quite unsurprisingly, that this is not good for them. 

51.1%. That is how many people reported to have “no religion” in Scotland’s 2022 census. That is up from 36.7% in 2011. 

#1. That is where Lauryn Hill’s album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) sits on Apple's top albums of all time on Apple Music. 

Put This In Your "No Duh" Filing Cabinet

credit: nypost

The Hunter Biden laptop was real, says the Justice Department. Way to catch up! 

Special counsel David Weiss made a filing on Wednesday saying that he will submit the laptop as evidence against the younger Biden in his upcoming trial. This means that everything we’ve seen from the laptop is also legitimate. The sex workers, the guns, the drugs, the genitals, God help us. 

In court filings, Hunter Biden’s legal team did “not object to the authenticity of the trial evidence,” meaning they acknowledge that it is real too. 

So when will the American public get apologies for all of the lies about the laptop?

The White House lied about it, the President lied about it, the media lied about it, the Justice Department suppressed it. As the New York Post put it: “AOC called the laptop half-fake in February of 2023! Rep. Dan Goldman was still trying to claim the laptop was somehow not real as late as December! Well, what does this circus-worth of soulless, sellout clowns have to say now? We’re waiting." 

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