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🚨 Denial – November 17 2022


Happy Thursday.

CNN says it won’t let its anchors get drunk on New Year's Eve this year. No more Drunk Don Lemon for you! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

📺 If you missed Wednesday’s episode of Redacted, you can catch it here on Rumble while we are still in a YouTube time-out. We had a massive audience on Rumble last night so thank you for that. 

💉 A new study detected mRNA from the Covid vaccine in the breast milk of nursing mothers. 

🚀 North Korea fired off more ballistic missiles after the U.S. met with South Korea. 

🇨🇳🇨🇦 This video of Chinese President Xi Xinping giving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a scolding is making the rounds in a big way.

✈️ Virgin Atlantic reversed course on gender-neutral uniforms for its cabin crew during World Cup flights. Originally they were going to allow them and now they’re not.

🇮🇷 Iran sentenced three people to death over recent protests. 

🛰️ China launched two space rockets with six satellites in just under 30 hours this week. 














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The Lead: Zelensky in Denial

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky continues to insist that Russia launched a missile into Poland on Tuesday, despite the fact that the U.S. and other Western allies disagree. CNN reports that some Ukrainian military officials have admitted that it came from Ukraine. 

So which is it? They accept responsibility or they don’t? 

President Joe Biden has said that the blast, which killed two people, was caused by a Ukrainian defense missile. When asked if he thought it came from Russia, he said that was “unlikely.” 

The Associated Press issued a correction after initially reporting that the missile was Russian. 

Yet President Zelensky has refused to accept responsibility. He is using this event to ask again for NATO to enforce a no-fly zone, which it has refused to do. A NATO leader did say that it blames Russia ultimately because “it continues its illegal war against Ukraine,” giving Zelensky an out, whether he wants to take it or not. 

Western leaders have been unwavering in their support of Zelensky, so will they let this one go, or will they talk him into accepting responsibility? They seem to be giving him the words to say it was an accident so is that a-okay? Accidents happen? People die? Say sorry and move on? 

Maybe but we have been reporting for months that the Ukrainian army is dwindling and not experienced with the equipment they are using. Isn’t this a further indication that peace talks are paramount? 

A Changing of the Guard

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Republicans have decisively won the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, meaning that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is out of a job and will have to hand over that title to a Republican. 

California Representative Kevin McCarthy may or may not take on that role. He has to be elected by his party to do so. McCarthy has signaled less support for extending the war in Ukraine, but his loyalty to the Trump-era Republicans may be in question. He will have to fight for the votes to take on the job in January.

Democrats retained a majority in the Senate so the three partisan branches of government will be divided as such in the new year: Executive: Democratic, House of Representatives: Republican, Senate: Democratic. The judicial branch, meaning the Supreme Court also skews Republican. 

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Here Comes The Digital Dollar 

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The timing is fishy; you've gotta admit. In the wake of the FTX crypto exchange collapse, the U.S. announced that it will launch a trial of its own digital currency, full of U.S. regulations. 

Regulations of crypto exchanges were out of reach for governments that wanted to tax and track them. But now they can point to failed exchanges as a reason that they need to regulate the industry. Convenient! 

The Federal Reserve will work with a group of big banks, including HBSC, Mastercard and Wells Fargo to test a digital money platform called the Regulated Liability Network. It will be based on blockchain technology. 

In response to this announcement, Edward Snowden Tweeted: "It begins." Watch our take on this in Tuesday's episode of Redacted.

Meanwhile, the fallout over FTX continues. Regulators in The Bahamas want to control the bankruptcy proceedings since the company was based there, but the company filed in the U.S. There may be a jurisdiction fight over this and, based on rumors of how salacious this fight will be, you better believe both sides will throw their weight behind it.

What's Trending?

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Max Headroom is trending because former congressman Madison Cawthorn pledged his undying love for Donald Trump in this video in which he does in fact look a lot like Max Headroom, mostly due to unfortunate lighting. 

MAGAGA is trending because former President Trump is running to be the next President Trump so his Make America Great Again slogan because Make America Great Again Great Again? 

Brendan Fraser is trending because of this new GQ article about the actor. 

News By The Numbers

60 years. That is how long the Milton Conventry Club nudist colony was open in Vermont, but alas, all good things must come to an end and it will close this year. 

400,000. That is how many people per year visit the former Snowdon and Snowdonia mountains in Wales. Officials have approved a name change for the mountains from the English names to the Welsh games which are Yr Wyddfa and Eryri. Don't ask me to pronounce them. 

December 8. That is when Disney World will increase park admission prices for the second time this year. Inflation folks! 

My Boys Can't Swim! 

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new study shows that sperm counts worldwide are half of what they were five decades ago. Half!? You have my attention…

Researchers analyzed 223 sperm count studies based on samples from over 57,000 men in 53 countries. Across the board, counts were down and for the first time drops were recorded in Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

Researchers say that this is an indicator of men's health and not in a good way. The lead researcher said this in a statement: "Our findings serve as a canary in a coal mine. We have a serious problem on our hands that, if not mitigated, could threaten mankind's survival. We urgently call for global action to promote healthier environments for all species and reduce exposures and behaviors that threaten our reproductive health."


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