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🚨 Disease X – January 15 2024


Happy Monday

The U.S. is experiencing a record cold streak so dress in layers. But maybe not like Bille Eilish. Fashion critics are saying that this is too many layers

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In Case You Missed It. 

🗳️ Donald Trump had the biggest lead ever of any Republican in the Iowa caucus poll this weekend. 

❄️ John Kerry will step down as the White House Climate envoy. 

🇩🇰 Denmark crowned a new King. King Frederik X, 55, took the throne after his mother, Queen Margrethe II, stepped down.

🇹🇼 Taiwan held elections this weekend and the Democratic Progressive Party candidate Lai Ching-te won. It is a “status quo” party that does not necessarily promote independence, despite what the media says. 

🇬🇧 The UK has postponed its Covid inquiry to an unspecified “later date.” 

🇳🇿 Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern got married this weekend after proposing marriage to her long-time boyfriend when she resigned

💊 A woman who is suing Novo Nordisk over Ozempic, the injectable weight loss drug, says that doctors say she will have diarrhea for the rest of her life. The CEO of Novo Nordisk is scheduled to speak about solving the world’s obesity problems at the World Economic Forum meeting this week. 

🏛️ The House of Representatives is advancing a new investigation of January 6 with the support of Speaker Mike Johnson. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ A new study found that puberty blockers given to children resulted in an IQ drop of 7 points on average. 

🇧🇳 Crowds gathered in Brunei to celebrate the wedding of Prince Abdul Mateen and his bride Yang Mulia Anisha Rosnah. 

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Lead: The New War in Yemen

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The Biden administration has ramped up war in Yemen with the second airstrike in a week. The U.S. says that they are targeting missiles and bombs with Tomahawk missiles in order to “restore freedom in the Red Sea.” 

Yemenis are not taking this lightly. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest the attack, which was a cooperation with the United Kingdom. They say that they will not back down from their solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, as reported in Reuters said “We did not attack the shores of America, nor did we move in the American islands, nor did we attack them. Your strikes on our country are terrorism.” He added, “They are terrorists and they are amazing at lying to the people of the world, but the awareness of the Yemeni people is a different awareness. Do you, Yemeni, think that America is defending itself or is it a terrorist?”

The Biden administration is facing criticism from so-called Middle Eastern allies for this. Will they back down or ramp up this war? 

As a reminder: The Houthis were once American allies against al Qaeda. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin shared intelligence with the Houthis when he was commander of Central Command in 2014. Later, the Saudis wanted a war with the Houthis and then-President Obama supported that. In the first air raid, the U.S.-Saudi alliance bombed a civilian neighborhood, killing 14 children, according to Scott Horton’s reporting

Chaos at the U.S. Border

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Texas has deployed the National Guard to stop the inflow of migrants at the southern border. The state has prevented federal agencies from entering to open the border back up.

The Biden administration has submitted an emergency request for the Supreme Court to allow them to push through the Texas state blockages. This comes after a lower court ruled that they could not do that in December. 

The Justice Department argues that Texas is blocking the federal government from being able to respond in emergencies. But they have not been responding and many would say this is an emergency. 

Texas is ready for this fight, according to a spokesperson for Governor Greg Abbott.

"Texas will continue to deploy Texas National Guard soldiers, DPS troopers, and more barriers, utilizing every tool and strategy to respond to President Biden's ongoing border crisis," the spokesperson said.

Republicans are working with Democrats to propose what is being called the Schumer-Lankford Border Deal, which would allow at least 5,000 more immigrants into the U.S. per day and allow them to work legally once they are removed from custody. 

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Get Ready for Disease X

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Researchers in China have discovered a strain of coronavirus that caused 100% mortality due to a “late-stage brain infection.” 

The scientists say that they are concerned about a “spillover infection.” But they wouldn’t have to worry about that if they hadn’t created it in the first place, would they? It’s not a naturally existing virus. It was made in a laboratory and then experimented with. 

Researchers gave this virus from pangolins, which are like anteaters, to “transgenic mice,” which are humanized mice. Mice bred with humans to test on them. It killed 100% of them. We suggest watching John Campbell’s assessment of this published experiment, which was inexplicably removed from YouTube but still lives on Rumble.  

Could this brain-infecting form of COVID-19 be what the World Economic Forum is about to discuss this week in their panel on Disease X? 

This, my friends, IS gain of function research and it is extremely dangerous. Time to stop it yet? 

The U.S. Is Sitting On A Mountain of Resources

Photo credit: the metals company

The U.S. is starting to think seriously about mining its own resources. Imagine that!

The Department of Energy is looking for bids for uranium mining in Wyoming, and the Pentagon is looking into deep-sea mining for cobalt and manganese. 

The U.S. uses those minerals but doesn’t mine them itself because it all got caught up in politics and litigation. But that could all be thrown out if the nation were to get serious. 

Republicans have asked the Pentagon to consider seabed mining as a “vector of competition with China for resource superiority and security.” But at what consequence to the sea? We don’t really know yet. We do know that the U.S. could mine these resources on land but again, if not for that pesky litigation.

The Department of Energy is seeking bids for domestic uranium plants, which are essential in nuclear power plants. Could this be an indication that the U.S. will re-think closing nuclear power plants which are both cleaner and safer than any other form of energy known to man? 

News By The Numbers

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4.1. That was the magnitude of an earthquake that hit Oklahoma on Saturday. 

3,280 feet. That is the size of a fissure in Iceland that has caused a volcanic eruption. The lava has reached homes in the town of Grindavik and set them ablaze.

300. That is how many attendees will be at the Davos World Economic Forum, starting today in Switzerland. See our coverage of the agenda highlights here

What's Trending?

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This video is trending where Game of Thrones stars and other actors read South Africa’s case file charging Israel with genocide in Gaza. 

Snooker is trending because the World Grand Prix of Snooker starts today. 

The Australian Open is trending because that is happening.


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