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🚨 Emergency Powers – December 14 2023

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Happy Thursday.

First Lady Jill Biden released this video of the White House during Christmas. Some are saying it is straight out of the Hunger Games Capitol.














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In Case You Missed It

 boston mayor michell wu credit: dailymail

🤦🏻‍♂️ Boston Mayor Michelle Wu held a dinner for “electeds of color.” She mistakenly invited white city council members but then retracted the invitations because the party was not for them. No whites allowed. 

🐷 Netflix data shows that Harry and Meghan’s documentary is less popular than Peppa Pig. Then again, who can compete with Peppa Pig?

❄️ The U.S. may have two holiday storms to disrupt travel next week. 

🇬🇧 Britain was awarded a new contract to build fighter jets along with Japan and Italy.

✏️ A UK politician has proposed a plan to refuse residency to students who fail to maintain minimal grades. 

👑 The final season of The Crown is now streaming and has earned dismal reviews

🧑🏻‍⚖️ The Supreme Court will hear a case challenging the Justice Department’s use of evidence tampering laws to prosecute January 6 defendants. If the defendant wins, it could put an end to the prosecution of former President Trump and many others prosecuted in a similar manner. 

⚖️ Former President Trump’s election case has been paused pending his appeal to dismiss the case. 

📺 You can catch last night's full Redacted live show right here

The Lead: Germany To Enact "Emergency Powers" over Ukraine

credit: reuters

Will Germany declare an emergency in order to continue support for Ukraine? German chancellor Olaf Scholz said just that in a parliamentary address on Wednesday. 

The German government was finalizing its 2024 budget, which will keep debt levels the same by cutting government programs so that they can still send aid to Ukraine. The budget allows “€8 billion ($8.63 billion) on arms for Ukraine Kiev next year, along with an unspecified amount of money allocated for financial aid to the Ukrainian budget, and another €6 billion ($6.47 billion) to support Ukrainian refugees living in Germany,” according to RT

Scholz warned that Germany may have to enact emergency powers in order to spend even more because international support for Ukraine was waning. In which case, “We have already decided to propose a debt-brake exception resolution in the Bundestag,” he said. 

His opposition calls this “financial trickery” and said that it shows that he is willing to “throw the German budget into chais for the sake of aiding Kiev.” 

The White House warned that the U.S. only has $1 billion left for Ukraine because the country has depleted 96% of “replenishment funding.” 

The Biden Family Christmas

credit: globo

The House of Representatives passed a resolution to formalize the impeachment proceedings against President Biden. The impeachment has to do with the many times the President lied about having nothing to do with his son’s foreign business dealings. Many bank records show that to be untrue.’

On the same day, Hunter Biden was due to testify to the House committee that is investigating him but instead of going inside to do just that, he gave a press conference outside and then drove away. He showed up to defy a subpoena and tell the press about it instead. 

He says that he will not testify in closed-door settings because, he says, “the MAGA right has portrayed me for their political purposes.” 

When asked if the President supports his son defying subpoenas, the White House said that the President knew that his son was going to do that and was “proud of him, continuing to rebuild his life.”

Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer who have lead the House Oversight and Accountability Committee say that they will move forward with contempt proceedings. 

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the committee has not have “a single witness” to any of their alleged allegations of the Biden’s crimes. I guess she missed when Devon Archer, Tony Bobulinksy and many IRS whistleblowers testified. Maybe she was sick those days?

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Congress Passes Largest Defense Budget in History

3,000-page defense bill being wheeled into the capitol credit: x

Congress approved a 2024 defense budget totaling $886 billion. That is up 3% from last year and the largest defense budget ever for the U.S. and by FAR the largest in the world. 

China this year approved a 7.2% defense budget increase but that total is still only $224 billion. China has the world’s largest military but somehow spends a quarter of what the U.S. spends to maintain it. 

The White House had originally asked for $842 billion but Congress tacked on more for Ukraine plus an extra $37 billion to “modernize US nuclear capabilities.” 

A few noteworthy takeaways from the budget: It introduces the new Space National Guard and establishes what are called “sex neutral fitness standards.” It also authorizes military action to combat the fentanyl crisis. 

The bill heads to the President’s desk to sign it, which he undoubtedly will. 

News By The Numbers

credit: getty

300,000. That is how many signatures a petition needs to call for a vote of no confidence in Canada. A new petition calling for that vote against the Justin Trudeau government has reached that threshold and calls for elections within 45 days. 

$250,000. That is how much a woman was ordered to pay for selling Luke Combs merchandise. The singer said that he didn’t know that his representatives had sued her and he is going to pay her double the amount that Amazon has frozen in her account. 

2 million. That is how many Teslas will be recalled in the U.S. and Canada due to a fault in the system that is supposed to check if the driver is alert. 

What's Trending?

giphy.gifcredit: x

Civil War is trending because of a new trailer for a movie that no longer feels like it is outside the realm of possibility. 

Kung Fu Panda 4 is trending because that trailer is out now too.

Paul Ryan is trending because he’s showing up in American politics again. He was seen walking with House Speaker Mike Johnson and called former President Trump an “authoritarian narcissist.”

Nate Silver is trending for fighting with a researcher named Will Stancil for his predictions on the election and the economy. Here is just one tidbit. It’s exhausting but you can pull this thread if you want to.

Too Fat To Fly? Not on Southwest

credit: nypost

Southwest Airlines will offer an entire row to plus-size fliers, according to the company’s Customer of Size policy. 

The policy allows plus-size passengers to purchase one seat and get the adjacent seat for free but the airlines says that they would be flexible for extra plus size people if they need the adjacent two seats, meaning the entire row. They are the only airline to have a policy like this. 

This is being criticized and praised, depending on who you ask. Passengers who are tall, have medical equipment that needs more room or are traveling with infants don't get an extra seat for free. Why just this one group? I'm guess you know why.


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