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🚨 Fishy! – February 28 2024


Happy Wednesday.

Wendy's is going to start testing Uber-like price surging during certain popular times of the day. If it works, expect this to be a thing everywhere. Sigh. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🗳️ Donald Trump won the Republican primary race in Michigan, defeating Nikki Haley yet again.

🇩🇪 Germany will deploy troops to Hawaii and the Indo-Pacific this year. 

🚨 Macy’s will close 150 locations including the flagship Union Square location in San Francisco. 

🔥 Bitcoin keeps going! The price of a Bitcoin surpassed $59,000 on Wednesday, up more than $8,000 this week alone. 

🇩🇪 Germany says that there is “no chance” that NATO countries will send troops to Ukraine but the Financial Times reports that there are already “special forces” from NATO countries there and “everyone knows” it.”

☢️ Texas had to shut down a nuclear weapons facility due to wildfires in the Panhandle. 

🛳️ Over 3,000 people are stranded on a cruise ship because of an outbreak of a stomach bug. 

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Lead: Ceasefire or Not to Cease Fire?

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President Biden expressed optimism about a ceasefire in Gaza but both Israel and Hamas say that his comments were “premature.” Biden was hoping the ceasefire could begin next Monday. The rest of us were hoping it would have started yesterday. 

Reuters reports that Hamas wants the ceasefire to be permanent rather than six weeks. Haaretz reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants assurance that any “terrorists” that Israel frees will be flown to a different country such as Qatar or Turkey. Only Israel regularly detains prisoners on little to no grounds without trial so how are we to know that who they release is a terrorist or just a civilian prisoner, akin to the civilians that Hamas has in custody? 

Netanyahu has also said that he does not want a delay to the planned ground invasion of Rafah. He is speaking of this as if it was always in the cards but in October when Israel’s retaliation began, Rafah is where Palestinians were told to go. Why is a ground invasion necessary to defeat Hamas? 

According to Time, “President Joe Biden has pointedly told Israel that Rafah…should not be the next battleground." Raise your hand if you think President Biden has any say in this whatsoever. 

The Great Electric Vehicle Dream Unravels

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More bad news for electric vehicles. Apple has reportedly ditched its plans to build an electric vehicle and Audi has said they will ditch plans to only make EVs by 2026. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple just couldn’t quite make the self-driving bit work and they could not sell any car they could make for less than $100,000. They also could not afford another dud product like the VisionPro VR headset. But also, the market for EVs is just not hot.

Apple’s car project was called Project Titan, an apt name for how ambitious it was in the first place. They have reportedly re-positioned or laid off engineers on that team.  

Audi’s re-commitment to gas-powered cars follows similar moves from Ford, GM, Volvo, and BMW. All of them have said that they will reduce EV production targets to avoid further loss. According to one industry outlet, “Ford, for example, reported a loss of $4.5 billion from the Model e division last year alone. This is equivalent to approximately 60 thousand dollars per electric vehicle sold.”

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China Just Found Something Big

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China discovered the world’s largest “metamorphic rock oilfield.” This means that China now has another massive source of oil and gas. It is not only a boon for China but for all BRICS nations. 

The discovery is in the Bohai Sea, which has been under exploration since 2023. According to reports, "It is estimated that the oilfield can yield over 30 million cubic meters of crude oil while producing over 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas.” 

This will undoubtedly help China reduce dependency on Russia and the U.S. for oil and gas and shift power centers. And so would a BRICS currency, which Russia announced is also in the works. The Russian Finance Ministry said that it is working on the BRICS Bridge multisided payment platform to allow BRICS nations to trade not on the U.S. dollar! Oh no, the U.S. sanctioned itself out of the running. They will be able to boost their own currencies with cooperative trade if this comes to fruition. 

What's Trending?

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These hero police in China are trending because they used Peppa Pig music to find a lost eight-year-old child with Autism who had become trapped behind a wall. 

Pokémon is trending because a new game for the Nintendo Switch was announced called Pokémon Legends: Z-A. It is due out in 2025.

Willy Wonka is trending because what was supposed to be a chocolate experience turned out to be a dud in Scotland last weekend. It was so bad that attendees complained to the police. 

News By The Numbers

144,000 metric tons. That is the weight of small fish that Norwegian salmon eat from West Africa, according to a new report. The report is causing outrage by saying that those fish could have fed between 2.5 million and 4 million people. 

14.5%. That is how much more the median salary is for men in Australia than for women, according to a new report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

2.5%. That is how much men increase their chances of obesity after they get married, according to a new study. This study hints that it is the husband who is more likely to “let themselves go” than the wife! 

Surprise! Puberty Blockers Don't Work

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new study out of Germany shows what common sense already tells us: there is no evidence that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are effective for children with gender dysphoria. Meaning, they don’t help

We know that they cause harm. They are associated with bone density loss, memory loss, hair loss, infertility, cancers and more. But what advocates claim is that this is all a worthwhile risk because it helps relieve Gender Dysphoria. Only it doesn’t. 

Researchers looked at two new studies by the British National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). These were the only newly available studies since 2020, despite the growing use of these pharmaceuticals. They found that the studies had "low participant numbers [and] yielded no significant additional clear evidence for specific and clearly beneficial effects of cross-sex hormones in minors.” 

They conclude that the current research on these drugs is insufficient to claim that these drugs help at all. They also lament that there is no long-term data available. That is because researchers know that these studies would show these drugs in an even less favorable light. 

“Current evidence doesn’t suggest that Gender Dysphoria symptoms and mental health significantly improve when Puberty Blockers or Cross Sex Hormones are used in minors,” the researchers conclude.  

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