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🚨 Friday – May 19 2023


Happy Friday.

Starbucks is changing its ice to a smaller "nugget ice" for iced drinks. Some people are very worried that it will water down their drinks. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🫀 Experts are baffled by a cluster of babies in the U.K. that have suddenly suffered an outbreak of myocarditis. One of the babies died. Nine of the cases tested positive for a type of enterovirus. Interestingly, Bill Gates has been warning for months that the next pandemic is coming and would be targeting children. How does he always seem to be in the know? We did a full report on the next pandemic on Tuesday's Redacted show which you can watch here

🗳️ Early polling shows former President Trump has a large lead in Governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican nomination. 

🇲🇩 Moldova is asking the European Union to fast-track its membership due to threats from Russia. 

😂 The U.K. and Norway have partnered to counter undersea threats in the North Atlantic. They say that the Nord Stream Pipeline explosion highlighted the need for this. LOL. Have they looked into reports that Norway was one of the ring leaders in that explosion? Might want to start there. 

🇳🇨 A 7.7-magnitude earthquake has hit New Caledonia, resulting in tsunami warnings in the Pacific Ocean. 

🤡 The U.S. State Department added mandatory pronouns to their email system, according to AP’s Matt Lee. A short time later the State Department issued a statement saying it was a mistake and they're correcting the issue. How does a “mistake” like that happen? 

💰 GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seem to be closer to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling which would avoid the first-ever US default.

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The Lead: Whistleblowers Expose Weaponization of The FBI

credit: cspan

Three FBI employees spoke to the Select Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee on Thursday and accused the agency of violating protocol in order to prosecute people who were involved in the January 6 protests. 

The agents said that field offices were told to go after people that had not been proven to have been violent on January 6, 2021. When they asked for video proof to make their cases, they were told that they could not see video proof because there "may or may not" have been undercover FBI agents in the footage. 

This seems to contradict FBI head Christopher Wray's testimony that there were no FBI agents present at the January 6 protests. 

The whistleblowers did not refute January 6 as a serious event. They instead said that the FBI was violating the constitution of Americans by prosecuting them without due process and gave examples. The three men who testified, Garrett O’Boyle, Steve Friend, and Marcus Allen, were suspended and had their security clearances revoked. They claim that they are being retaliated against by the FBI. 

As CSPAN puts it, "Throughout the hearing, lawmakers engaged in debates over the hearing’s intent and playing politics." 

Playing politics indeed. Democrats accused the whistleblowers of being MAGA Republicans and seemed uninterested in the men's stories about prosecuting people without evidence or protocol. The mainstream media is uninterested in this story too. 

New Twitter Files Drop

credit: thehill

Here's another story the mainstream media is ignoring this morning.

The latest round of Twitter files shows how Twitter once gave privileged access to journalists who were willing to parrot one narrative over another. 

This round shows that Twitter regularly met with journalists and promoted the accounts of those who were mostly left-leaning. They kept lists of the most Twitter-friendly journalists and offered them special account privileges. They also used the journalists to promote legislation that was friendly to Twitter, essentially using the journalists as lobbyists. 

A lot of this special access ended when Elon Musk took over. Now journalists are given Community Notes to fact-check their Tweets just like everyone else and in some instances, it is fact checkers who get fact-checked. That did not happen before. 

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Ukraine/NATO Continue Shelling Civilians, But Can't Seem To Launch A Spring Offensive

children's playground targeted by NATO/Ukrainian shelling in Donetsk credit: steve sweeney

Ukraine and NATO forces have not launched the major offensive that the West has been touting but they have stepped up attacks on the city of Donetsk, targeting civilian areas where they have been attacking since 2014. 

At least five explosions were reported and at least one person has reportedly died, a nurse who had stopped to help shelling victims. 

The West keeps warning that Ukraine had better make an impressive show of a "counteroffensive" but that has not materialized. They ignore attacks on the Donbas region as they have for nearly a decade when looking for this "counteroffensive." 

The Financial Times reports that Ukraine has about five more months to "impress" the U.S. until support for the war dries up. 

"It is important for America to sell this war as a successful one, as well as for domestic purposes to prove that all of those aid packages have been successful in terms of Ukrainian advances," says one European official. 

They have used Zelensky to great effect to "sell this war." He was invited to the G7 this weekend despite that Ukraine is not in the G7. He has not been back to Ukraine since the attack on the Kremlin. 

What's Trending?

credit: giphy

Indiana Jones 5 is trending because the film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and Harrison Ford received a five-minute standing ovation. 

Jimmy Kimmel is trending on rumors that he was fired at ABC but it appears that is not true. 

Rafael Nadal is trending because he had to withdraw from the French Open due to injury. He says he plans to come back next year but that next year will be his last year. 

News By The Numbers

$900 million. That was the planned value of a new office park Disney was going to build in Florida that they now say they will not build due to political fights with Governor Ron DeSantis. Disney also says it'll close the new Star Wars hotel it opened in Flordia after just 18 months. 

7-2. That was how the Supreme Court ruled against the Andy Warhol Foundation in a case that accused the late artist of copyright infringement for art based on a photograph of Prince taken by photographer Lynn Goldsmith. 

45,000. That is how many virtual boundary collars are now being used on cattle in the U.S. instead of barbed wire. They are made by pharmaceutical company Merck & Co and farmers say that they "mostly" work. 

We're Not So Sure Anymore

Lotfi Hassan Misto, man killed by US drone strike credit: misto family

The U.S. Pentagon says that they're not so sure that the person they killed in a drone attack earlier this month was an Al Queda member. 

"We are no longer confident we killed a senior AQ official,” one of the officials said to the Washington Post, referring to Al-Qaeda. The second official added that "though we believe the strike did not kill the original target, we believe the person to be al-Qaeda."

No longer confident?

This highlights a practice of the drone attacks that have been ramped up since the Obama administration in which any male military-aged victim of U.S. attacks was automatically labeled as a terrorist. This has been happening for over a decade in the Middle East. 

The U.S. military has refused to identify the target or address how the error occurred but they say that they are aware of the casualty and are looking into it.

According to The Post, the victim of the strikes was a retired bricklayer and father of 10 named Hotfi Hassan Misto who was tending to his sheep when he was hit by an American missile. 


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