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🚨 Giddy Up – February 19 2024


Happy Monday. 

We’re back! We were off last week while our children had a school break but we’re back in time for a busy news week. Let’s go!

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇪🇺 Ursula Von der Leyen is expected to announce a bid for a second term as president of the European Commission. (Please no!)

🇸🇾 The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that forbids diplomatic relations with Syria so that the U.S. can go right on illegally occupying and bombing Syria.

🇧🇷 The Brazilian ambassador in Israel is going to get a lecture from President Benjamin Netanyahu because President Lula da Silva said that Israel is conducting a genocide in Gaza.

🇬🇧 The UK is using AI to speed up background checks on military personnel to help boost enrollment during its enrollment crisis.

🤣 New York Governor Kathy Hochul had to assure businesses that what happened to Donald Trump’s businesses won’t happen to theirs because “New York is already viewed as a hostile business environment,” according to The Hill.

🔥 Hawaii is considering a new tourist tax of $25 per person in response to the Lahaina fires.

🇺🇸 The U.S. says it will veto a UN resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Lead: The Last Hope For Julian Assange

This week jailed journalist Julian Assange faces a very important appeal to his extradition to the United States. This could be his last shot to freedom.

Assange was never convicted of any crime and has been awaiting extradition to the United States based on indictments to do with hacking. He did not do any hacking. Bradley Manning did the hacking. Assange did journalism, which is not a crime.

It is not custom to await extradition in a high security prison. Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was arrested in England in April of 2022 on a request from Ecuador, which was seeking extradition to face corruption charges. While his extradition proceedings he lived in a luxury home near Buckingham Palace. His extradition was denied and he was granted asylum in Belgium.

This is one of the many ways that Assange has been tortured for exposing U.S. and U.K. war crimes. No one was ever arrested or reprimanded for said war crimes.

Assange’s home country of Australia voted last week to demand his release after over a decade of ostrich syndrome in this case. Way to wake up, Australian lawmakers!! Better late than never, right?

A Massive Defeat For Ukraine

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Ukraine has withdrawn from the town of Avdeevka in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The town is now in Russian control, giving Russia an advance of 8.6 kilometers control of new territory with an area of 31.75 square meters. The Russian flag has now been raised in that area.

This is a major loss for Ukraine, not only of territory but of lives. Russia says that Ukraine lost over 1,500 service members, 190 in the last day alone. Ukraine is not admitting this, however. Military spokesman Dmytro Lykhoviy said on Thursday that they were just moving troops around to “more advantageous positions.”

Bringing them home would be a “more advantageous position.” These are untrained people who are forced to fight – often under the influence of drugging – to regain land that does not want to be Ukraine and hasn’t for a long time due to the decade-long abuse from the Ukrainian army.

Russia says that it is also making headway in the areas of Krasny Liman, Kherson and Kupyansk. According to Tass, since the special military operation began two years ago, “the Russian forces have destroyed 571 Ukrainian warplanes, 266 helicopters, 12,723 unmanned aerial vehicles, 470 anti-aircraft missile systems, 15,098 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,222 multiple rocket launchers, 8,091 field artillery guns and mortars and 18,801 special military motor vehicles.

But the U.S. still wants to send more!

President Joe Biden is pressing hard to get passed a $60 billion bill that would renew aid to Ukraine. The President told Ukrainian President Zelensky that he’s “confident we’re going to get that money.”

Who is we? Biden and Zelensky? We isn’t Americans, right? No, of course not.

President Biden has been using the death of Russian politician Alexei Navalny to prove his point about fighting Russia. Only Navalny was no hero in Russia and the lies about him are too many to count. We broke down those many, many lies here.

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Scaring You About The Next Pandemic

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The World Health Organization is trying to increase panic about Disease X.

WHO head Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus said this this at the World Governments Summit in Dubai: ““As things stand, the world remains unprepared for the next Disease X, and the next pandemic.”

What is Disease X?

It’s a placeholder for…something. They don’t know what it is, they just know it will come again and they want global powers to deal with it, known as the Pandemic Treaty. The Biden administration is all for it but several countries are know saying that they’re not, causing Dr. Tedros to panic that his power grab won’t stick.

Dr. Tedros posted this photo of himself with Hillary Clinton over the weekend and the comments say it all.

News By The Numbers

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$400. That is how much the new Trump sneakers cost. The former President revealed them at Sneaker Con this weekend. They are called the “Never Surrender High-Tops.” They sold out within hours of launch.

Two. That is how many rounds of golf Tiger Woods played at the 2024 Genesis Invitational before withdrawing from the tournament due to illness.

€500 million. That is how much the European Union may fine Apple for breaking European laws over its streaming service, according to the Financial Times.

What’s Trending?

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Mankini is trending because an Australian equestrian rider wore one while riding a horse and is now facing an investigation from riding organizations. Shane Rose posted the footage to Facebook himself after competing in a fancy dress competition as a joke.

This video is trending where a young couple says that they can’t afford groceries because the “government needs that money to kill Palestinians in Gaza.” It was made by Cenk Uygyr from The Young Turks.

Susan Wojcicki is trending. She was the former CEO of YouTube and she is trending because of tragic news in her family: Her 19 year-old son was found dead at UC Berkeley where he was a student.

Clown World: Men Allowed to Breastfeed in U.K. 


A National Health Service Trust in the United Kingdom says that it’s a-okay for men to pump themselves up on hormones and try to breastfeed babies. So, they’re experimenting on newborns.

When men want to try to breastfeed, they have to take a drug called Domperidone, which even the manufacturer says that they should not use for breastfeeding because it could cause “possible side effects to a baby’s heart.”

Still, the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT) said that the milk produced by trans women after taking a combination of drugs is “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby.” What do they mean by that? That it has antibodies for disease like natural breastmilk? That it is healthy for the baby? That it has the same fat content? Nutrient content? They don’t say. They only say that some studies of babies who breastfed from men for five months did fine but there was no long-term follow up of these babies.

The Sussex trust removed this report but say that they “stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them.”


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