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🚨 Grenades – November 07 2023

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Happy Tuesday.

A top Ukrainian military aide was given the worst birthday gift ever: a live grenade. Major Hennadiy Chastyakov, a top aide to General Zaluzhny, died while opening it with his 13-year-old son, and the boy was seriously wounded. Whisky may or may not have been involved. The gift was given to him by a friend in the Ukrainian army. Apparently, he liked to collect grenades, as officials found five other live grenades on display in his apartment. 














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In Case You Missed It

 credit: railway age

🇷🇺 Russia is reportedly planning to build a new railway to Crimea now that it controls the area connecting the region to Russia. 

🚨 A man has died while protesting on behalf of Israel in a clash with people protesting on behalf of Palestinians in California on Monday. 

🇮🇪 Ireland said that it will no longer offer free accommodations to Ukrainian refugees. 

🇮🇱 U.S. politicians are trying to censure Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib for criticizing Israel. 

🇯🇵 Representatives from the G7 nations will meet in Japan this week to discuss a solution to the conflict in Israel. 

🗽 Jewish activists demanded a ceasefire with demonstrations at the Statue of Liberty on Monday.

🇩🇪 Anne Frank is the latest victim of the cancel culture. A kindergarten in Germany has changed its name from the Anne Frank kindergarten to “World Explorer Kindergarten” to be more inclusive. 

📺 You can catch last night's full Redacted live show right here

The Lead: Israel Plans To Govern Gaza

credit: getty

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will govern Gaza when this conflict is over. He said that Israel will have “overall security responsibility” for Gaza for an “indefinite period.”

In an interview with ABC News, Netanyahu said that if Israel does not have that “security responsibility” then they will have “the eruption of Hamas terror on a scale that we couldn’t imagine.” 

What does that mean? A complete takeover and expulsion of the Palestinians? That was not the original plan so note the moving target. Originally, Israel said that they were seeking out Hamas with so-called targeted strikes. Then they said that they would not stop until they destroyed at least 65% of the Hamas tunnels. Now the goal is a total takeover? 

ABC’s David Muir carefully asked the Prime Minister about civilian casualties and he said that he was sad about it but they must happen because “there is no way to hunt terrorists in a civilian population.” When asked about a ceasefire to prevent civilian casualties and possible harm to Israeli hostages he said this: “I don’t think there is going to be a general ceasefire [because] it will hamper our ability to get our hostages out.”

When asked about the failure of Israeli intelligence to prevent the October 7 attacks, the Prime Minister said that there  “will be tough questions" to answer but that “will be resolved after the war.” 

First war. Answers later. 

DHS Censored 2020 Election Information

credit: reuters

The Department of Homeland Security worked with a Stanford University organization to censor even true information around the 2020 election. 

This comes from a report from the House Judiciary Committee. The committee says that the federal government worked with social media companies “to censor true information, jokes, and political opinions.”

“This pressure was largely directed in a way that benefitted one side of the political aisle: true information posted by Republicans and conservatives was labeled as ‘misinformation’ while false information posted by Democrats and liberals was largely unreported and untouched by the censors. The pseudoscience of disinformation is now—and has always been—nothing more than a political ruse most frequently targeted at communities and individuals holding views contrary to the prevailing narratives.”

The government called this “switchboarding,” meaning they were trying to switch certain information and people on and off. Needless to say, this was done with taxpayer dollars. 

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Canada Clamps Down on Free Speech

Canadian nurse Amy Hamm credit: x

A nurse in Canada is on trial for being critical of gender ideology. She was given a disciplinary hearing because she put up a poster that said, “I ❤️ J.K. Rowling.”

The nurse, Amy Hamm of British Colombia, testified on her own behalf to a hearing at the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives after she was given a citation for making “discriminatory and derogatory statements regarding transgender people, while identifying yourself as a nurse or nurse educator. These statements were made across various online platforms, including but not limited to, podcasts, videos, published writings and social media.” 

These are her own personal platforms. Why should they affect her job as a nurse? 

The hearing turned into not only a rebuke of Hamm’s speech but also a larger discussion of transgender ideology. A psychiatrist testified that censoring this speech is actually not good for anyone because it creates a world where people are not trained to develop resiliency. 

“When a person is able to escape and simply not deal with uncomfortable ideas … one fails to develop the skills anyone needs to live in a diverse society," said Toronto psychologist James Cantor.

#IStandwithAmyHamm was trending on Tuesday in support of her freedom of speech and expression. 

News By The Numbers

credit: giphy

$20 billion. That is how much treasure is reported to be on a Spanish shipwreck in the Caribbean. the ship was called the San Jose and it was sunk by the British in 1708. The Colombian government has announced a plan to retrieve it.

4 hours. That is how long former President Trump’s testimony lasted when he took the stand in his case defending himself in the case brought by the New York Attorney General alleging business fraud. It was reportedly a bit of a circus. 

8,200. That is how many criminal cases that the government of Ukraine has reportedly opened to prosecute people who have evaded the draft. 

What's Trending?

giphy.gifcredit: penguin random house

Barbra Streisand is trending because she released a new memoir called “My Name Is Barbra.” 

WeWork is trending because the company filed for bankruptcy.

Bird of the Century is trending. That is a competition put on by Forest & Bird. Comedian John Oliver has called for people to game the election as a joke but some bird lovers don’t think it’s funny.

Zelensky Cancels Elections

credit: president of ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelensky has canceled the upcoming Presidential elections and may not allow them next year either. 

Recall that the U.S. has said that it is defending Ukraine because it is a democracy. Remind me, what do you call a ruler who cancels the democratic process and keeps hold of power again? It’s not a democracy. 

Zelensky said this about the elections: “We must decide that now is the time of defense, the time of battle, on which the fate of the state and people depends,” Zelensky said. “I believe that now is not the time for elections.” 

But what if the people of Ukraine want a different leader who would lead them to peace? They won’t have that option. 

And what if Ukrainian people want to challenge Zelensky? Many parties have been shut down because the government has labeled them “pro-Russian.” 

This is the democracy the West is so ardently defending? 


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