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🚨 How Now Brown Cow? – July 05 2023


Happy Wednesday.

There will be no newsletter and show on Thursday, July 6 as this mom and pop shop are traveling. We will be back on Monday! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🗣️ Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that he will stay on as the head of NATO for at least another year.

🚨 One woman died and nine were injured in a fireworks explosion in Michigan on Monday.

💰 The Wall Street Journal says that we are in a richcession, which means times are tough for wealthy people.

🇵🇸 Hundreds of Palestinian people have fled their refugee camp due to a major Israeli military operation. We covered this story on Redacted on Tuesday. Israel has reportedly withdrawn but is now launching airstrikes in Gaza,

🥵 Monday was the world's hottest day on average with an average global temperature of 17 degrees celcius, according to the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).

🔥 Russia shot down five drones over Moscow on Tuesday.

🇷🇺 Russia is investigating two journalists who were brutally attacked in Chechnya.

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Lead: Speech is Freed on Independence Day

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The federal government cannot reach out to social media and tell them what to censor, according to an injunction out of federal court on Tuesday. This is the case that came from the Attorneys General from Louisiana and Missouri in which they accuse the federal government of censoring important information about the Covid pandemic.

The case has not been decided yet but the judge granted an injunction in a 155-page ruling that states that parts of the government, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, could not talk to social media companies for “the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.”

They can still reach out to social media about posts pertaining to crimes, national security threats or foreign attempts to influence elections. Recall that when the federal government told Twitter that Russia was influencing the 2020 election, Twitter investigated and found nothing? But the government can still suggest it.

This is a kneecap to the government’s assertion that it needs to counter misinformation and needs a direct line to social media censorship to do so.

Nuclear Fall Out

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Ukrainian President Zelensky says that the Russians are preparing to attack the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant with explosives that they placed on the roof. That plant is under Russian control. Why exactly would they do this?

Russia has also asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to come and secure this plant and inspect the shelling of this plant for months. They have refused to do so. Russia has been warning about this plant and asking for international protection.

Would Ukraine do this as a false flag after a failed counteroffensive? It is hard to believe that the country that is home to Chernobyl would do such a thing but the counteroffensive is now a bust.

Aleksey Danilov, Ukraine's Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, says that Ukraine's task is no longer to retake land but instead "the maximum destruction of manpower, equipment, fuel depots, military vehicles, command posts, artillery and air defense forces of the Russian army." He added that "the last few days have been particularly fruitful. Now the war of destruction is equal to the war of kilometers."

This means that they cannot take this land back and they know it. Now is as good a time as ever for peace talks. Now.

Time To Move Into Precious Metals


Experts expect gold to hit $2,500 an ounce this year and America's largest precious metals company Lear Capital is giving away one ounce of silver for every ounce of gold you buy! They're also giving you $250 in your account. That's free money.

So the U.S. dollar continues to collapse, and Gold and Silver just hit a nine-month high as investors started pouring back into precious metals. If you have your retirement in a dollar format, then it will continue to lose value every day that it's there in a bank. It's time to move some of your retirement into gold and silver and away from government currencies.  

Gold and Silver have sustained for over 4,000 years while every government currency in world history has collapsed. Every one of them. Will this time be any different? Of course not. 

Right now, you can get a FREE gold kit and learn how gold and silver can help you protect your family against these central banks. Visit right now to get your TOTALLY FREE Gold Kit and start taking action today. 

Yes, They Want To Spy On You

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Over 300 scientists from 32 countries have signed an open letter of warning about the European Commission's proposed Child Sexual Abuse Regulation. It sounds like a great plan, to stop sexual abuse, but it gives governments the right to scan every app in every device as it sees fit.

This, the letter says, will be ineffective and have side effects that could make the internet less safe for everybody.

"As scientists, we do not expect that it will be feasible in the next 10-20 years to develop a scalable solution that can run on users’ devices without leaking illegal information and that can detect known content (or content derived from or related to known content) in a reliable way, that is, with an acceptable number of false positives and negatives," the letter said.

They warn that the "number of false positives will be in the hundreds of millions," many of them "deeply private, likely intimate, and entirely legal imagery sent between consenting adults." Like when I send my husband funny photos of our children in diapers or bathing suits.

A bigger problem is that this will put an end to end-to-end encryption. This is the secret key that makes communication private and it will come apart if governments are given full access.

This truly flawed regulation will soon be read and debated in European Parliament.

News By The Numbers

Credit: National Theater of Korea

60. That is how many musicians were in the orchestra that was conducted by the EveR 6 robot conductor last Friday in South Korea. 

196. That is how many cows were given to families in Kenya and Tanzania by Oxford University to make up for the university stealing artifacts from those lands over 100 years ago. 

90. That is how many Russian rubles buys $1 USD. That is a low for the ruble not seen since March of 2022 but Russia’s Central Bank says that this poses no threat to the country’s financial stability. 

What's Trending?

Photo credit: BBC

Roger Federer was trending for being honored for his eight wins at Wimbledon in a Centre Court ceremony on Tuesday. The Princess of Wales was also there for the occasion.

White House and Secret Service are trending on news that part of the White House was closed down last Sunday after a white substance was found that was determined to be cocaine.

Liberia is trending after the GOP posted a Happy Independence Day Tweet featuring the flag of Liberia. They have deleted the Tweet but it lives on.


credit: Reuters

China recently passed the Foreign Relations Law, which lays out foreign policy with an aim to "multipolarity." This means that no foreign policy must yeild to a foreign power or aim to exert foreign power.

Multipolarity is big emerging concept in the East. It means that each nation has its own power, autonomy and equal collaboration. It is the antithesis of U.S. unipolarity, which other nations grow tired of.

According to this summary: "The law describes China’s vision for multipolarity as 'global development initiatives, global security initiatives, and global civilization initiatives, and promotes an all-round, multi-level, wide-ranging, and three-dimensional external work layout.' Calling for 'reform of the global governance” system, it expresses intention to “maintain and practice multilateralism' through mechanisms such as the United Nations, but also those which China has proposed including the Belt and Road initiative (BRI)."

Former Pentagon official Elbridge Colby said this about this law: "With China’s new Foreign Relations Law, the echoes of 1941 seem to be growing. If we are going to push China hard on the economic front, we must be ready militarily . Otherwise it invites China to use force to break out of what it clearly sees as containment – even strangling."

That sure seems like war rhetoric from a country that is used to unipolarity.


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