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🚨 Ice Cold – April 01 2024


Happy Monday.

Judge Judy is back with a new show: Judy Justice. She will sell the show this fall to compete with CBS re-runs of her old show. This is not an April Fool’s joke. Fun fact: Judge Judy’s courtroom is not an actual courtroom. It is arbitration, a procedure where a dispute is decided by a third party out of court. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

👑 King Charles did show up to Easter Sunday after speculation that maybe he would not.

🥶 Several studies show that drinking ice water could have deleterious effects. 

🇹🇷 Turkey’s Republican People’s Party won local elections for the first time in 20 years, beating out President Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party. 

🇷🇸 Serbia has been invited to the next BRICS Summit.

🚇 New York City will roll out “electromagnetic” scanners to scan for weapons on the subways. 

🇬🇾 The President of Guyana is trending for showing no tolerance for being lectured about oil and gas exploration by the BBC. 

🇮🇱 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent surgery for a hernia this weekend. 

🇷🇺 Russia has detained at least four more people in connection with the terrorist attack on Moscow. 

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Lead: U.S. Doubles Down on Bombs to Israel


The U.S. is “quietly” giving Israel 2,000-pound bombs that are “rarely used by Western militaries anymore due to the scale of civilian casualties they can cause,” according to multiple reports

Two THOUSAND pound bombs?? According to several outlets, the U.S. authorized new packages which “include more than 1,800 MK84 2,000lb bombs and 500 MK82 500lb ones.”

Meanwhile, Israeli outlet Haaretz reported on Sunday that Israel has created “kill zones” in Gaza to kill on sight anyone who enters, whether they are combatants or not. Sources say that the Israeli military will label anyone a terrorist, whether or not there is proof. 

“In practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate," says a reserve officer who has served in Gaza.

"This was a very grave incident," a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told Haaretz. "They were unarmed, they didn't endanger our forces in the area in which they were walking." 

This is a page out of the Obama administration when anyone of military age could be arbitrarily labeled as a combatant to justify their death. 

This is happening as the U.S. pays lip service to protecting civilians and slowing down the violence in Israel. They’re not. They’re not even trying. 

Israel Launches New Attacks in Syria

credit: ndtv

Israel bombed the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday killing at least 52 people and this weekend targeted Damascus. Why is Israel’s fight in Gaza extending to Syria? They say that they are targeting Hezbollah in order to limit their access to weapons. 

These attacks have been ongoing since long before the all-out war in Gaza but this weekend’s was the deadliest. Civilians are regular victims of these attacks. This weekend the casualties are said to have included 38 Syrian soldiers, 7 pro-Iranian forces and 7 members of Hezbollah as well as at least two civilians. Iran and Russia have both condemned it but of course the U.S. is silent on the matter since they are currently illegally occupying Syria. 

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YouTube Expands its Censorship Policy

johanna voolich credit: youtube

YouTube is reframing its censorship policies as “responsibility.” In a new blog post, the company says that its censorship policy can be summed up with four Rs:  "remove, raise, reward, reduce.” Or censor.

Johanna Voolich, the new chief product officer, says that YouTube will use AI to “reward” creators to “empower creativity” while also removing content that they claim violates their policy faster, raise up “authoritative voices” for news, reward “trusted, eligible creators” and reduce content that “brushes up” against their policies. Brushes up is a vague set of words that about summarizes what we face on Redacted. It does not have to violate their standards for them to downrank or bury it. 

They are treating this like a responsible thing to do while not taking responsibility for blatant censorship during the pandemic. People were deplatformed on YouTube for merely suggesting that natural immunity might be superior to vaccine immunity. YouTube has never course-corrected for that. Responsibility is not a word that they should use with a straight face. 

What's Trending?

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Coleman Hughes is trending for this appearance on The View where he does (IMHO) a fabulous job presenting his case for the end of race politics without getting emotional. He takes a personal attack and rebutts with the issues and is more prepared than the hosts for the conversation. This prompted me to buy his book

Ramy Youssef is trending for having hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Chance Perdomo is trending. The 27-year-old actor died from an unknown cause this weekend. 

News By The Numbers

70 million. That is how many AT&T customers had their data breached. 

1 year. That is how long Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich has been in prison for allegedly spying in Russia after his bosses sent him on an extremely dangerous reporting job. Recently, Russian President Putin told Tucker Carlson that negotiations for his release are ongoing. How much do you want to bet his release will come in advance of the 2024 presidential election? 

13.9%. That is how much the IMF projects that the economy of Macau will grow next year after growing 80.5% last year, making it, according to the Financial Times, "one of the world’s fastest-growing economies." 

White House Celebrates Transgenderism on Easter Sunday


The White House celebrated Trans Day of Visibility on Sunday, which also happened to be Easter Sunday. The White House celebrated that too.

This created a lot of division online with people wondering why the White House would usurp a Christian holiday for gender dysphoria, which already has many other annual events: Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20, Trans/Gay Pride Month, June, and Trans Awareness Week, mid-November. Trans Day of Visibility is always on March 31 but Easter Sunday is not. These two holidays won’t conflict with one another in most calendar years. 

This is a divisive culture war that will accomplish nothing. The loving and Christian thing to do would be to live and let live. Trans ideology should be discussed on the substantive level, not through culture wars. May we present you with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt's most recent analysis of gender ideology in this endeavor? 

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