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🚨 Leap Day! – February 29 2024


Happy Thursday.

Congratulations! You get an extra day of 2024 because today is Leap Day! We hope it’s a great one! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

👋🏼 Mitch McConnell announced that he will step down in November making him the longest-serving party leader in U.S. history.

🤔 Coinbase had an outage as Bitcoin continues to surge this week. Coincidence? Get it? Coin-cidence. I’ll be here all week. 

🇫🇷 France says that it will not give frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, as was suggested by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. 

🇯🇵 A junior high teacher in Japan was fired after he was caught paying for small coffees but pouring himself large coffees at a local convenience store. Major scandal, right

📆 Stella Assange says that the appeal decision for Julian Assange will not come before March 4. 

🗳️ An Illinois judge has barred former President Trump from the state’s primary ballot but stayed her own order until March 1 to give him time to appeal. 

🍺 Hunter Biden testified that he was either “high or drunk” when he sent the extortion text to a Chinese associate in 2017. That explains it, right? 

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Lead: Will NATO Join The Fight? 

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Just kidding! NATO countries will not fight in Ukraine German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on X. This was necessary because French President Emmanuel Macron indicated that NATO countries would join the war in Ukraine earlier this week. 

“As German Chancellor, I will not send any soldiers from our Bundeswehr to Ukraine. NATO is not – and will not be – a party to war. It stays that way,” Scholz said. Only this post was community noted to clarify that “The Chancellor does not have the decision-making authority to send troops; only the Bundestag can do that.” 

"We do not want Russia's war against Ukraine to turn into a war between Russia and NATO. We agree on this with all our allies,” Scholz said. But he still wants to supply Ukraine with weapons and aid. 

In the U.S., aid to Ukraine is what is holding up a government spending package that could cause a government shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson said that he will not agree to more funding for Ukraine without a deal to secure the southern border. Republicans are threatening to oust him if he gives in on this. Democrats say that they will protect his job if he gives them the war funding. It’s a dirty game of politics being played with people’s lives. It's war but not "war," if you read between the lines. 

Israel Kills Dozens Waiting for Food Aid

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At least 77 Palestinians were killed and 250 wounded while waiting for food aid in Gaza City today

Reportedly, “Al Jazeera verified footage showing the bodies of dozens of killed and wounded Palestinians being carried onto trucks as no ambulances could reach the area.”

One man told reporters: “To the Arab states I say, if you want to have us killed, why are you sending relief aid? If this continues, we do not want any aid delivered at all. Every convoy coming means another massacre.”

This is not the first time Israeli forces have targeted aid and relief centers since the retaliation for the October 7 attacks began. 

The United Nations says that the famine is a severe risk in Gaza as now one in every six child below the age of two is considered “acutely malnourished.” 

Why won’t the international community help? Recently U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said “the US does not dictate to Israel what it must do, just as we don't dictate to any country what it must do."

A reporter interjected: “Unless you invade them.” 

Miller laughed an uncomfortable laugh. It’s (not) funny because it’s true.

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Halting Deadly COVID Vaccines

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The journal Cureus retracted a peer-reviewed paper that called for the halt of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Why? 

The editors say that they “found that the conclusions of this narrative review are considered to be unreliable due to the concerns with the validity of some of the cited references that support the conclusions and a misrepresentation of the cited references and available data."

One of the paper’s authors, Steve Kirsch, published the concerns that the paper sent them. It is odd because these concerns were peer-reviewed and validated prior to publication. It is not standard to come up with these concerns post-publication and my read of this paper is that these concerns WERE sufficiently addressed. 

Nathaniel Mead, one of the lead authors, was on Redacted recently and he revealed that other journals had rejected this study due to the political nature of the Covid vaccine. The Cureus publication had over 330,000 views, which is extraordinary when you consider that an average publication gets around 2,700. It had also received some of the highest ratings ever for a Cureus paper, with a Scholarship Impact Quotient or SIQ score of 9.3 (scale of 1 to 10).

Clearly, this is not science. It is politics. 

Dr. Peter McCullough, another of the paper’s authors, says that “the authors will proceed with publication in an alternate journal.”

What's Trending?

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Hunter Schafer is trending because the actor was arrested outside 30 Rockefeller Center in a Jewish protest calling for a ceasefire while President Biden was visiting to go on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Bianca Censori is trending because she forgot to wear something over her tights while out in public in France this week and some say she could face fines for “deliberate sexual display” of her lady parts. 

Ja Rule is trending because he was denied entry to the UK where he was traveling to perform a concert. He said that it was due to his criminal record. 

News By The Numbers

34. That is how many points LeBron James scored on Wednesday in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers were behind by 21 points when James went “nuclear” and showed off the biggest comeback of his career. 

76. That was the age of comedian Richard Lewis when he died on Tuesday after reportedly suffering a heart attack in his sleep.

850,000 acres. That is how much land has been ravaged by wildfire in Texas since Monday. Firefighters are still working to contain it. 

100,000. That is how many people voted “uncommitted” in the Michigan Democratic primary this week. This was part of an organized protest over President Biden’s support of Israel. 

Anti-Meat Propaganda Continues To Crumble


new study shows that there is not a causal relationship between meat and heart disease. Researchers looked at approximately 460,000 people who ate meat and did not find a significant risk of cardiovascular disease between those who do and do not eat processed meat, pork, beef, and mutton. 

In fact, the link between meat and heart disease has always been a shaky one. This was born out of the proposal in the 1950s by Ancel Benjamin Keys, who was known to eat red meat himself regularly. His hypothesis revolved around cholesterol as a cause of heart disease, and that has been disproven. In fact, higher levels of cholesterol can be found to be associated with LOWER mortality rates. 

In fact, a study by Keys himself showed that the diet-heart hypothesis was wrong and that polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils) were a bigger risk to health. This study was buried until it was re-analyzed in 2016

The authors of the new study say that their results “differ from those of previous observational studies…. Over the past decade, several cross-sectional and prospective studies have investigated the relationship between red and processed meat consumption and [cardiovascular disease]. The conclusions drawn from the available data are inconsistent.” They do caution that more research is warranted on this matter. 

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