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🚨 Not Adding Up – March 14 2024


Happy Thursday.

Happy Pi Day! Wanna hear a pi joke? Of course you do!

What did pi say to its sweetheart?

You look radian today.

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇮🇷 The U.S. is reportedly in diplomatic talks with Iran to end conflicts in the Red Sea.

🚨 A judge dismissed six out of 13 counts in former President Trump’s racketeering case in Georgia.

✈️ Another Boeing plane made an emergency landing at LAX over a “mechanical issue.” What is going on with Boeing?

🇩🇰 Denmark unveiled a new military plan to conscript women to the military.

🇷🇺 Russia says that it will not attend a peace conference in Switzerland as long as Zelensky’s “peace formula” is on the table.

🤖 A new report shows that China has 12.5 times more robots in its workforce than expected.

🇺🇦 The European Union reached a deal to send €5 billion more aid to Ukraine.

🔥 Insurance firms in England are being sued for refusing to cover the Nord Stream explosions.

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Lead: The House Votes to Ban TikTok, Something Fishy Going On

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The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to ban TikTok in the U.S. That does not mean that TikTok is banned because the bill now moves to the Senate for a vote and it is not clear if it will pass in that chamber.

The bill is H.R. 7521. It forbids apps that are controlled by a “foreign adversary” by at least 20%. The foreign adversary list currently includes only North Korea, China, Russia or Iran but that list is fluid and lawmakers can add any country they want at any time. That is why so many are worried that this bill is a ploy to give online control to the government. We share that worry.

TikTok is 60% owned by U.S. and international investors. It’s owner is from Singapore, not China. And is there proof that China has used it to spy on or influence Americans? There isn’t.

Congressman Thomas Massie voted against the bill and will join us today at 4 PM on Redacted. Join us.

Israel’s Next Move

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Israel says that it will relocate 1.5 million Palestinians to “humanitarian islands” before it invades the southern city of Rafah. Where are these “humanitarian islands”? Unclear.

The Associated Press reports that these “islands” will be “in the center of the territory.” So inside of Gaza presumably. Many of those in Rafah are there because they were fleeing other areas in Gaza that were already attacked. How many more places are there left to go?

Israel says that it will move those in Rafah “in coordination with international actors… [as] a key part of the military’s preparations for its anticipated invasion of Rafah, where Israel says Hamas maintains four battalions it wants to destroy.”

Israel went ahead and targeted on alleged Hamas command center on Wednesday which happened to be a U.N. food distribution center. At least five people were killed in the raid, including one U.N. staff member.

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Telling The Real Covid Story

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More than 50 professors and academics in the U.K. are warning that the Covid inquiry is biased in an open letter.

“The Inquiry must urgently address its apparent biases, assumptions, impartiality, & lack of evidence-based approach,” the letter says.

The letter says that the inquiry has excluded petitions from those who were harmed by pandemic policy, refused to question policies made on weak evidence, and relied on experts who have “a vested interest in maintaining the justification for their policy recommendations.” Yet, the inquiry will cost taxpayers between £300 and 500 million.

The professors demand that the Inquiry “invite a much broader range of scientific experts with more critical viewpoints. It must also review the evidence on diverse topics so that it can be fully informed of relevant science and the economic and social cost of Covid policies to British society.”

What’s Trending?

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Paul Alexander is trending. He is the man who lived in an iron lung for most of his life but he died on Monday at the age of 78.

Lenny Kravitz is trending because he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Olivia Munn is trending because she announced that she is being treated for early detected breast cancer.

News By The Numbers

1,000. That is how many Dollar Tree and Dollar Stores will be closing this year.

2.6%. That is how much property sales were up in Dubai in February, a record month for the city as demand continues to grow.

2 years. That is how long Neil Young’s music was off of Spotify because he disagreed with Joe Rogan for being critical of the Covid vaccine. That position didn’t age well, did it? The singer says his music will now return to Spotify, offering only a sheepish explanation.

The Return of the SAT 

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The SAT is not gone, in fact it is coming back to college admissions requirements because, it turns out, lowering expectations of young people is not good for anyone.

The University of Austin says it will reinstate the SAT requirement after dropping it during the pandemic. When it looked at admissions from previous years, it found that students who took standardized tests performed better in college than those who didn’t. Shocking, right? Having a commitment to academics turns out to be a good predictor of academic performance. Who’d have thought?

Elite universities like Yale, Dartmouth and Brown have also brought back the SAT as a requirement for application.

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