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🚨 Out of Money – December 13 2023


Happy Wednesday.

Researchers in China say that they can slow aging with a hydrogen implant. Would you get one?  

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In Case You Missed It. 

⛺️ The city of San Jose may build out tent cities to help its homeless problem to mirror the tent cities in San Diego.

🌀 A cyclone in Australia hit land as a category 2 storm causing about 15,000 homes to lose power. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ President Biden mistakenly said his father survived the attack from Hamas, said that the October 7 attack was 65 years ago and mistook the name of the president of China all in the same day.

 ðŸ”¥ðŸ•Ž A lawmaker in Poland was fined for putting out a menorah with a fire extinguisher.

🇺🇦 Ukraine will not boycott the 2024 Olympics as planned. 

🚢 A drought has slowed trade through the Panama Canal.

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The Lead: Biden Walks The Fence on Israeli Bombing

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President Biden spoke out about Israel's "indiscriminate bombing" but still vows to support Israel with more weapons and money. 

Important point: there is no such thing as "discriminate bombing." That is an example of the "precision paradox" at work. It is the lie that countries can only target bad guys and civilians won't get hurt. It is one of many reasons that Redacted is so fiercely anti-war but back to the war at hand: Israel. 

In the same day that the President spoke about civilian deaths, at least 10 Israeli soldiers were also killed. 

The President said that he's had talks with "Bibi," or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about killing civilians and that Bibi used the U.S. history of war in Germany. 

He said: "I’m being very blunt with you all — it was pointed out to me that — by Bibi — that 'Well, you carpet-bombed Germany.  You dropped the atom bomb.  A lot of civilians died.'" 

So in this exchange, he's telling his contemporary he doesn't approve of all the death but…? But nothing. The United States once again voted against a ceasefire in an emergency United Nations meeting but the resolution still passed. Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, the DRC, China and Russia were among the 153 nations that voted in favor of the ceasefire but that does not mean we'll get one. The U.S. never had U.N. authority to attack in Iraq in 2003 but they did it anyway.

Zelensky Finds D.C. Is Out of Money

credit: new yorker

Ukrainian President Zelensky is touring the U.S. to plead for more aid for its war against Russia but it has not been the headliner that he'd hoped. Last year, the U.S. government rolled out the red carpet but this year is much different. It feels like watching a former headline band tour county fairs. 

President Zelensky went on Fox News to deliver the "Putin is the real enemy here" line. He acknowledged that the U.S. has its own problems and his opinion about those problems shouldn't really matter. What should matter is the facts of the battle and Zelensky lied about pretty much all of them. He said Russia has not “occupied [sic] any Ukrainian village during this year.” That's not true. Maybe he forgot about Bakmut? He claimed that Ukraine had destroyed the Russian fleet in Crimea. That's also not true. Russia has repelled many attacks in the waters near Crimea. Oddly enough, Fox News didn't bother to contradict him.

House Republicans still claim that they will not vote for additional aid for Ukraine without additional funding at the southern border and Democrats are simply not interested in that southern border bit. This puts the aid package at a stand still. 

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Coddling College Kids Is a Losing Game

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Brown University had at least 41 students arrested for a sit-in to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. This is yet another indication of the ideological crisis of universities. 

Last month, 24 Jewish students were arrested for demanding a ceasefire too but the charges were later dropped. 

Universities are in crisis to try to figure out what they protect and what they don't and are picking winning and losing groups. This is a no-win situation. 

Jonathan Haidt, author of The Coddling of the American Mind, put it this way: "The only way to end antisemitism on campus is to end the identitarianism. Don't be satisfied by a university president who promises a new center or commission on antisemitism. It won't have much effect on campus culture as long as a critical mass of students (5-10%?) are taught to see everything through oppressor/victim glasses, in which "punching up" is virtuous, even when the punching is not metaphorical."

Free speech has to be free speech. The half-measures to protect some groups will likely placate donors, Haidt says, but only make the problem worse unless ideology is jettisoned for freedom. 

What's Trending?

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The Prince and Princess of Wales’ Christmas card is trending because the legs and middle finger on the left hand of Prince Louis look strange and possibly Photoshopped?

Bill Belichick is trending on rumors that the Patriots will part ways with him as head coach next year.

E3 is trending because it is shutting down. That is the Electronic Entertainment Expo that was once a big deal but never got its game back after the pandemic. 

#BoycottZara is trending because of a new ad campaign featuring a model with mannequins in a broken down room. Some say it is reminiscent of the war in Gaza but Zara says that this campaign was shot before the October 7 attacks and was never meant to portray anything other than fashion in a sculpture studio. What do you think? 

News By The Numbers

44%. That is how many consumers chose a vegan basket of food when it was labeled “healthy and sustainable” in a recent study. When the basked was labeled “vegan,” only 20% of consumers chose to buy it prompting researchers to conclude that people will buy meat-free food but are less likely to buy it when it is labeled “vegan.” 

2,000. That is how many species of animals cats like to eat, according to a new study. Researchers call them “one of the world’s most successful and widely distributed invasive predators.” 

£536,360. That is the loss recorded for Harry and Meghan’s Archewell Foundation that was created to virtue signal these thingsthat were bragged about in the foundation's annaul report video. I mean really, who knows that they really do. They've been named the biggest losers in Hollywood of 2023 by The Hollywood Reporter.

Same-Sex Hospital Treatment

credit: brittanica

The largest private hospital in the UK now guarantees same-sex treatment for patients. This means that if you are a woman, you are guaranteed a woman will treat you unless you authorize otherwise. 

Why is this necessary? Because last year a woman in the UK was refused a surgery after she requested that only biological women care for her. The hospital took offense that she was uncomfortable with a trans-identified man and kicked her out. She fought for her rights to privacy and her surgery was re-scheduled but her condition worsened in the time between the original and re-scheduled surgery. The hospital has since apologized and she has not yet sued (but I think she should). 

This new policy puts pressure on the public National Health Service to do the same. Politicians have proposed banning trans identified people from female wards but no policy has been put in place. 


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