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🚨 Pet Rock – March 18 2024


Happy Monday.

Pet rocks are apparently big in South Korea and you can buy them accessories like an American Girl Doll.

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇮🇸 Iceland has declared a state of emergency after another volcanic eruption.

🇺🇦 The Washington Post admits that the war in Ukraine has left some villages without any men.

🇳🇪 Niger has revoked an agreement with the U.S. to allow military bases in the West African country.

😶 The Supreme Court will hear begin hearing arguments today in arguably the biggest free speech case of our time as to whether the government can ask social media to censor speech that they don’t like.

💊 The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court to overturn regulations on the abortion pill mifepristone. The court will hear the case next week.

🚨 The Defense Department has repeatedly missed deadlines to report on suicide numbers in the military. Members of Congress are demanding that they comply and submit these overdue reports.

🇮🇳 Google has begun restricting election-related queries ahead of the 2024 Indian general election.

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Lead: Russia’s Landslide Election

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Vladimir Putin won re-election in a landslide victory over the weekend. As of this morning, Putin received over 87% of the vote with over 99% of the vote counted.

The Western press is saying that elections were a scam and that Putin shut down his major opposition because Boris Nadezhdin was not allowed to run and Alexei Navalny was killed.

A court ruled that Nadezhdin was not allowed to run because of “a high percentage of invalid signatures” on his registration. Navalny died in prison but yesterday, President Putin said that Russia was in negotiations to exchange Alexei Navalny with the West. Which supports the theory that the West killed him.

The Wall Street Journal says that Putin won an “election that had only one possible outcome.” In fact, there were three other candidates in the race running against Putin: Leonid Slutsky of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Vladislav Davankov of New People and Nikolay Kharitonov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF). The Communist Party is Putin’s closest opponent and their candidate received 4.32% of the vote.

The election was not without incident. There were numerous reports of Ukrainian attempts to bribe and coerce people into sabotaging ballot boxes.

Trump’s “Bloodbath” Weekend

credit: zerohedge

The dishonest corporate media had a field day twisting President Trump’s words this weekend. During a campaign speech in Vandalia, Ohio, the former President told supporters that the American automobile industry will be a bloodbath if he’s not re-elected. He went on to explain that the Biden  administration will allow Chinese cars to flood the market, causing said “bloodbath.”

For context the dictionary definition of bloodbath: a period of disastrous loss or reversal, a major economic disaster.

But context didn’t matter and almost immediately the corporate media outlets such as NBC News, ABC News, and Politico, took Trump’s speech entirely out of context. They ran headlines saying that Trump warns a “bloodbath” if he’s not re-elected. President Biden denounced the comments immediately calling it a “threat of political violence.” Nancy Pelosi did the same on CNN.

Republicans, including former Vice President Mike Pence who has declined to endorse Trump, say that the language was clearly about the economy. The U.S. economy HAS been a proverbial bloodbath since President Biden took office.

The Justice Department used even shakier language to indict Trump for his role during the January 6 capitol protests. He is facing indictment for exhorting his followers to “fight like hell” against the 2020 election results. Will they make a case out of this “bloodbath” rhetoric too, claiming it is an exultation of violence? You just never know these days.

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U.S. Blasts Netanyahu, But Offers More Aid

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The U.S. is speaking out of both sides of its mouth about Israel. Americans are right to be confused and angry about it.

On the one hand, Chuck Schumer, Democratic leader in the Senate and the most senior Jewish official in Washington, blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling him an “obstacle to peace” who was weakening his country’s “political and moral fabric.” President Biden endorsed this as a “good speech.”

But at the same time, the U.S. is considering giving Israel even more aid in order to “reduce civilian casualties.” In a report from ABC News, an unnamed U.S. official said that ““it’s possible additional aid — not less — would be offered as an incentive” to reduce civilian casualties.

More weapons in order to kill less? How do you figure that works?

What’s Trending?

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King Charles is trending on X for rumors that he died on Sunday. Kate Middleton is trending because The Sun reported that she was spotted at a farm by many people but none of them took any photos. Right…. She has been mysteriously missing in actionsince Christmas Day and every explanation from the Palace and the media only makes it all worse.

Selection Sunday was trending because that happened for the NCAA basketball on Sunday.

NAACP Image Awards 2024 are trending because that happened on Saturday.

2024 World Women’s Curling Championship is trending because that tournament started this weekend and will wrap up next weekend.

News By The Numbers

50%. That is how many Israeli youth will evade military service by 2050, according to a new report.

€56 billion. That is how much European NATO countries will be short on their contributions to the military alliance this year, according to the Financial Times. No wonder the U.S. contributes two thirds of the NATO budget.

4.2%. That is how much more charitable giving Americans will do next year, according to new report.

Paying For The Crimes Of Their Children

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Should parents be prosecuted for the crimes of their children? That is what is happening to parents of a school shooter in Michigan who used a gun to kill four fellow students.

The husband and wife, James and Jennifer Crumbley, face up to 60 years in prison on charges for their son Ethan’s 2021 school shooting. The father purchased the gun for his son as a Christmas present and the family allegedly failed to securely store it. The state of Michigan also alleges that the parents did not properly address their son’s mental health issues.

At issue is not whether or not the family was careless or naive, which it seems they were. At issue is the state of Michigan having it both ways. Ethan Crumbley was tried as an adult and held fully responsible for his crimes. He is serving a life sentence without parole. But they are also trying his parents for crimes of their child, trying to convince a jury that Crumbley was just a child who could not have committed his crimes if he’d had better parents. The state is also using laws that they simply do not have. As notes, Michigan has failed to pass “child access prevention” legislation on several occasions.

The state prosecutor says that she is hoping that this case sets a precedent to go after other parents in the future. What do you think? Will this help?

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