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🚨 Pineapple pizza – June 11 2024


Happy Tuesday.

A historic Coney Island pizzeria is for sale with one important condition: the new buyer must swear to never sell pizzas with pineapple. I support this 100%. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇾🇪 Yemen reported that missile strikes from the U.S. and U.K. killed at least 16 civilians. 

🇨🇳 The U.S. says that if China invades Taiwan, it is prepared to turn the region into a “hellscape.” 

🍺 A new study suggests that drinking alcohol while flying can increase the risk of a heart attack. 

🇲🇼 The Vice President of Malawi was on a military plane that went missing on Monday. The President says that a search is ongoing. 

🤦🏻‍♂️ New video shows Nancy Pelosi admitting that she “takes responsibility” for not ordering the National Guard on January 6. She calls this "revisionist history."

🇮🇱 The UN Security Council voted to pass a US-sponsored ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas but Israel has not committed to this.

🏗️ A building in Oklahoma is scheduled to be the tallest building in the U.S. It was just greenlit without any height restrictions. 

🔪 Four Americans were reportedly stabbed at a park in China but the government says this is an “isolated incident [that] would not affect the normal development of China-US cultural exchanges”.

🗳️ New polls show that Joe Biden has gained favor over Donald Trump since the guilty conviction. Watch our take on the constitutionality of the trial from Monday's episode of Redacted

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Lead: Let's Arm Some NAZIS While We're At It

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A Ukrainian politician says that the country is stealing Western aid money that is meant to build defense trenches against Russia. Mikhail Bondar, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, says that corrupt Ukrainian officials have stolen up to $500 million. 

Duh! Intelligence has been reporting this since the special military operation began but Western politicians are trying so hard not to know this. But even Ukrainian media knows this? Reports show that authorities have paid out millions of dollars from Western aid to “fake companies for the supply of non-existent construction materials to build fortifications.” 

And the Biden administration now says that not only can Ukraine use our money and weaponry, it will now lift the ban on the Azov Battalion using U.S. weapons. Who is the Azov Battalion? Nazis. They are Nazis. We are literally now supplying weapons to Nazis just after the anniversary of D-Day. This is a violation of the Leahy Law but the State Department says: this is fine. 

Hunter Biden's Cup of Joe

credit: getty

Maybe Hunter Biden was trying to meet his drug dealer just to get a cup of coffee. As one does. 

That was what his defense attorney put forward when defending a series of text messages showing that the younger Biden had been arranging to meet his long-time drug dealer Q when he lied about his drug habit on a federal form to buy a gun. 

The chain shows him arranging to meet Q at a 7/11…which does have coffee. 

The trial hinges on whether or not Hunter Biden knew he was an addict and was skirting the laws. Previous messages shown by the prosecution showed him bragging about himself as a functional addict. In one exchange, he said, “I’m a f*cking better man than any man you know whether I’m smoking crack or not.” 

The parties made closing arguments on Monday and the jury will now begin deliberation

The First Lady attended every day of the trial except June 6 when she was in France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Who will pay for all of that travel? The Democratic National Committee will pay for some, and American taxpayers will pay for the rest. That’s kind of weird, right? Why should we pay for her to attend her own son’s trial? And why would a political party do that? Is that maybe an indication that this trial is…political? 

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Moderna's Vax Combo Meal

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Moderna announced that its flu/Covid vaccine combo completed Phase 3 of its clinical trials and that the vaccine results in a “higher immune response than the licensed comparator vaccines used in the trial.” 

This means that the people who took this new vaccine had higher antibody counts than people who took something else. That “something else” was Fluarix®, a standard dose influenza vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline, and Spikevax, Moderna’s Covid vaccine.

Were they less likely to contract Covid or the flu? That wasn’t tested. Were they less likely to show symptoms? That also was not tested. They only reported antibodies in the clinical trial subjects. 

Is it safe? Moderna says that it “showed an acceptable tolerability and safety profile.” What is acceptable to them may not be acceptable to the general population but we cannot know what that is yet because they have not published the full clinical trial yet. says that this study is due out on June 14. 

What's Trending?

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Practical Magic is trending on news that Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman will team up for a sequel to the 1998 film. 

Maren Morris is trending because the singer announced that she is bisexual for Pride Month. 

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is trending because he was hospitalized after rear ending someone this weekend. He still has cognitive delays from his 2022 stroke. Maybe he shouldn’t have a license? 

This video is trending of an OnlyFans model filming herself in a grocery checkout claiming that she’s being ogled. She was called out for the narcissism and rightly so. I like this take that “holding up checkout to make a TikTok should be a criminal offense.”

News By The Numbers

173. That is how many passengers were on board an Australian Airlines flight from Mallorca to Vienna when a hailstorm shattered the pilot’s windows and tore off the nose of the plane. The hero pilot was able to safely land the plane blind and no one was hurt. 

£15 million. That is how much money was raised in Soccer Aid for Unicef, a celebrity charity game that happened on Monday. Olympic runner Usain Bolt was injured in the match with a ruptured Achilles. Good thing he has no upcoming races since he retired in 2017.

£500. That is the fine in England if you do not microchip your cat before they reach 20 weeks of age. This new law went into effect on Monday. 

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