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🚨 Pringles – April 30 2024


Happy Tuesday.

Pringles Crocs are now a thing. Do you really want to drag your food around this close to the floor? 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇪🇸 The Prime Minister of Spain announced that he will not resign from politics after speculation that he would. 

🚨 Four police officers died in North Carolina on Monday after trying to serve an arrest warrant for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The episode ended with armored vehicles smashing into the house. 

🚔 A District Attorney in New York, Sandra Doorley, issued a video apology because she refused to pull over when an officer stopped her for speeding and then tried to use her privilege to get out of it, cursing the officer out and flashing her badge to get him to go away. The governor has requested an investigation into the incident.

🎤 Taylor Swift is the first artist to have the top 14 songs in the Billboard Top 100 list in any given week. My 11 year-old daughter loves it but this is how my teenage son feels about it. 

🏃🏻‍♂️ People are pissed that an influencer ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon without paying the entry fee. Apparently there is a word for that in the running world: banditing.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf has resigned.

🗡️ Two police officers were attacked by a man with a samurai sword near a tube station in London. 

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The Lead: Hunter Biden vs. FOX News

credit: reuters

Hunter Biden’s lawyers are demanding that Fox News stop using the naked and debauched photos that were leaked from his laptop. 

“For the last five years, Fox News has relentlessly attacked Hunter Biden and made him a caricature in order to boost ratings and for its financial gain,” Hunter Biden’s attorneys Mark Geragos, Bryan Freedman and Tina Glandian said in a statement, according to CNN

They threaten litigation if Fox does not cease from publishing the images. 

They also accuse Fox of bias because the network has not covered the indictment of FBI whistleblower Alexander Smirnov, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to investigators. 

Oh can we sue for the stories the media ignores now? If so, I’ve got a list! 

Suspend U

credit: nbcnews

Colombia University ordered students to evacuate the war protests by Monday afternoon but they didn’t so the university has begun suspending students who are still there. 

A school spokesperson said that the students will be “placed on suspension, ineligible to complete the semester or graduate, and will be restricted from all academic, residential, and recreational spaces.” 

The students say that they will not clear out and that “these repulsive scare tactics mean nothing compared to the deaths of over 34,000 Palestinians.” 

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott said that the students would be arrested. 

Universities say that they cannot allow these protests because Jewish students feel threatened and discriminated by them. As Representative Ilhan Omar points out, Arab students feel that way too. What we have here is a problem of our own creation: Students have been taught that their feelings are the most important thing and that they should not have to engage in uncomfortable discourse.

Free speech attorney Alex Morey says that “Part of a liberal education is having that diversity of voices on campus. That's a feature, not a bug!” 

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AstraZeneca Forced To Tell The Truth 

credit: getty

AstraZeneca was forced to admit that its Covid vaccine can cause deadly blood clotting. The pharmaceutical company did not disclose this out of goodwill. Oh no. They admitted this because they were being sued. 

According to The Daily Mail, the company “acknowledged in a legal document submitted to the High Court in February that its vaccine 'can, in very rare cases, cause TTS'. TTS is short for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome – a medical condition where a person suffers blood clots along with a low platelet count. Platelets typically help the blood to clot.” 

Researchers have known this for two years now but this is the first time the company has admitted it. This could mean that victims will be paid large sums of money but guess who will pay it? Not AstraZeneca! The Daily Mail points out that “Taxpayers will foot the bill of any potential settlement because of an indemnity deal AstraZeneca struck with the Government in the darkest days of Covid to get the jabs produced as quickly as possible while the country was paralysed by lockdowns.”

Watch Out For "Sextortion"

credit: redacted

Teachers in the U.K. have been warned to be on the lookout for “sextortion.” The National Crime Agency says that there has been “a considerable increase in global cases of financially motivated sexual extortion – a type of online blackmail widely known as ‘sextortion’.” 

Sextortion is when someone demands money from you because they have nude photos that they can threaten you with.

You would think that young girls are the most vulnerable to sextortion, but surprisingly, the opposite is true. According to the U.K. government, "a large proportion of cases have involved male victims aged between 14-18. Ninety-one percent of victims in UK sextortion cases dealt with by the Internet Watch Foundation in 2023 were male.”

Best practices to avoid this: Teach your children not to take nude photos. 

News By The Numbers

¥154.5. That was how much a U.S. dollar was worth in Japanese Yen for a brief time on Monday. That represented a rebound from a 34-year low and what analysts say may have been a signal that the Yen is coming back from a long slump. 

Three. That is how many Austin Powers movies were made but Mike Myers says that maybe there is a fourth in the works? When asked about it on the red carpet this weekend, he said “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project." 

91. That is how old Willie Nelson turned on Monday. Or today. He was reportedly born late at night on April 29 but the county clerk recorded it the next day so he celebrates a two-day birthday. 

What's Trending?

giphy.gif credit: rt

Mufasa: The Lion King is trending because Disney released a trailer for the movie, due out in December. 

Jerry Seinfeld is trending because he said something that earned him the title of “far right.” What did he say? That the “extreme left and PC crap” have ruined comedy for us all. 

Christie Brinkley is trending for posting this video of herself dancing to Uptown Girl, the song that was written about her by her ex-husband Billie Joel, at one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden. 


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