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🚨 Pumpkin Boat – August 30 2022


Happy Tuesday. 

NPR wants you to write a poem with your back-to-school goals. Here is an ode to my children: 

It’s been a summer full of love and laughs.

I’ve washed way too many cups and towels. 

Get on that bus already! 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🚨 The Justice Department has reportedly finished going through the documents taken from former President Trump’s house. 

⚖️ The FBI agent in charge of the Hunter Biden laptop investigation was forced to resign and escorted from the FBI building. The "resigning" comes after Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg admitted on Thursday that the FBI met with this company and warned him about publishing the story. 

🇮🇶 The U.S. embassy in Iraq's green zone is on high alert following a night of terror. At least 5 people have been killed with another 40 injured as protestors stormed the Republican Palace and attempted attacks against the U.S. embassy. 

📺 President Biden will give a prime-time speech on Thursday to help Americans get excited about the “soul of the nation.” 

🛢 The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia is doing just fine with oil and gas sales, despite Western sanctions. Western countries are not doing just fine though. 















*Stock data as of market close, cryptocurrency data as of 5:00am ET. .


The Lead: U.K. Government Flips on Vaccines

credit: reuters

The United Kingdom is no longer recommending the Pfizer Covid vaccine for women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. After two years of administering the vaccine to this population, the UK government now says that it cannot guarantee that it is safe. 

The website says that “sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time” and that “women who are breastfeeding should also not be vaccinated.” 

Sorry but WHAT!?

This group has been told that it IS safe to take the vaccine all along! Important question: Given that Pfizer’s first round of clinical trials beginning in December of 2020 showed at least 23 “spontaneous abortions” from the vaccine, HOW and WHY was it ever considered safe for pregnant women? Is this new advice against vaccinating pregnant women based on new evidence? This is outrageous.

Go Get The Paddle

credit: global news

A school district in Missouri is going to start spanking kids with paddles this school year because, you know, they’re little monsters, right? 

Schools around the U.S. have reported behavior problems galore since the pandemic. In July, National Center for Education Statistics released a study that showed 87% of public schools report that the pandemic negatively impacted socio-emotional development and 83% said that students behavior development was also stunted. 

So…corporal punishment? That’s what one school district in Missouri decided to do. Only experts agree that physical punishment does not act as a deterrent. In fact, spanking causes MORE behavior problems. Also spanking is highly correlated with lower grades so you’d think a school was the last place to use corporal punishment. 

What do you think? Given that lockdowns were extremely hard on children, should we spank them to get them back in line? 

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Forget Debunking, Let's Talk Pre-Bunking

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Google thinks it can pre-bunk stories more effectively than it can debunk them. 

Prebunking is when experts prepare you with critical thinking skills before any misinformation comes your way. It is like “misinformation practice” because people are given practice with fictional stories before they can apply those skills to real stories. 

A study from Google and university researchers found that it was an effective way to keep people from believing stories they deemed “misinformation.” They asked people to watch prebunking videos and found that those who did were “significantly better at distinguishing false information from accurate information.”

According to the Associated Press, “Researchers are now investigating how long the effects last, and whether ‘booster’ videos can help sustain the benefits.”

What's Trending?

credit: reddit

This piece of art is trending on Reddit. It looks like a caped crusader or Link from Zelda but that is accidental because it is dog pee. 

This photo is trending and if you watched Stranger Things season 4 you know why. 

“Real America” is trending because people either love or hate this Tweet from Representative Jim Jordan.

Daniel Radcliff is trending because of his performance as Weird Al in the new trailer. People are mostly freaking out about the hair. 

News By The Numbers

38 miles. That is how far one man paddled down a river in a pumpkin hoping to set a Guinness World Record.

13-3. That was the final score of the championship game for the Little League World Series. The trophy goes to a team from Hawaii.

40%. That is how many Americans believe a civil war is coming in the next 10 years. 

Time for Tea

new study shows that drinking tea every day could lead to a longer life! 

This is one of the first studies to concentrate on black tea. Most studies on the health benefits of tea have been focused on Asia where the main tea consumed is green. 

According to this study, people who drink at least two cups of black tea per day had a 9-13% lower level of mortality. There was no difference between those who added milk or sugar and those who took it straight. 

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