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🚨 Really? – May 07 2024


Happy Tuesday.

A woman says that she has kept 7,500 Firefox browser tabs open for two years and she does not plan to close them any time soon. That gives me anxiety. 

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In Case You Missed It. 

🇷🇺 Russian President Vladimir Putin was inaugurated today for his fifth term.

🖼️ This famous 19th-century French painting is NSFW. It was vandalized with spray paint. 

🎓 Columbia University canceled its graduation ceremony in the wake of protests. 

🎯 A British female dart player forfeited a match rather than compete against a transgender contestant in the Denmark Open.

🇮🇷 The International Atomic Energy Agency will meet with Iran leaders this week to discuss nuclear inspections. 

✈️ The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate Boeing after the company admitted that they may not have completed the required inspections to “confirm adequate bonding and grounding where the wings join the fuselage on certain 787 Dreamliner airplanes”.

🇺🇦 Six people drowned trying to escape Ukraine’s new draft laws. Dozens have died this way since Zelensky signed this into law

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Lead: Israel Attacks Rafah As Promised… Striking Civilian Population

doctors rush to save a child burned and injured after Israeli attack on Rafah credit: x

Israel has begun its bombardment of Rafah, a city in Southern Gaza, even after Hamas accepted the terms of a ceasefire

Tanks have rolled into the Rafah crossing, and there are reports of “carpet bombing.” Rafah is where 1.5 million Palestinians have been since they were bombed out of Northern Gaza. Israel said that it had arranged camps for evacuees but no one can verify that the camps are sufficient or safe from further attacks. 

China has condemned this invasion. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said this: “China … strongly calls on Israel to heed the overwhelming demands of the international community, stop attacking Rafah, and do everything it can to avoid a more serious humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.”

But U.S. lawmakers say that they will run defense if Israel is held accountable for its actions. A group of 12 Senators sent a letterto the International Criminal Court threatening “severe sanctions” if the court follows through with threats to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials for their violations of international rules of war. 

The letter concludes: “The United States will not tolerate politicized attacks by the ICC on our allies. Target Israel and we will target you.” 

They will not tolerate politics? Isn’t what they’re doing politics? Why is it their job as elected representatives of the American people to protect Israeli politicians? Can’t work that one out.

Russia Warns West To Back Off Now… or Else

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Russia says that it could target British military locations in the UK and beyond if the West doesn’t cool it with threats. 

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron recently said that Ukraine has the “right” to use British weapons in attacks on Russia. For that, Russia summoned the British and French ambassadors to Moscow and told them this: “Any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond could be a response to Ukrainian strikes with the use of British weapons on the territory of Russia.” 

U.S. and U.K. politicians are talking a big game about sending troops to fight Russia in Ukraine but the State Department walked that back a little saying: “The President has made clear that he will not send US troops to fight in Ukraine.” 

French President Emmanuel Macron also reiterated that when he said that he wouldn’t rule out sending troops to Ukraine, he didn’t mean it. On Monday he said, “We are not at war with Russia or the Russian people. We are also not seeking a change of power in Russia."

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E.U. Lectures China About Making Too Much Stuff

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Chinese President Xi Jinping was in France on Monday to meet with French President Macron. But Macron invited party pooper Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, to the party to sabotage a message of collaboration. 

Macron had intended to forge a relationship based on ”strategic autonomy.” He wanted to show the Chinese leader that France and Europe can make their own decisions in their relationship with China and that it is not dictated by U.S. or other Western unelected globalist. 

Enter this Western unelected globalist. She said that China is doing too much. Too much manufacturing, too much exporting, too many people and that “the world cannot absorb China's surplus production." She said that she will "coordinate with the G7" to "address" this problem. 

As French political pundit Arnaud Bertrand put it: “It's a terrible image: in Macron's own words this was the whole point of the trip, show that France and Europe can speak to China independently with their own voice. And then they literally use American words to say they'll ally with the Americans against China. You couldn't make it up.” 

What's Trending?

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Superman is trending because DC released this first image of the new reboot of the film series starring actor David Corenswet. The movie is due out July of 2025. 

The Met Gala is trending because that happened on Monday and there was some wild fashion to behold. For instance this dressthat was made out of molded sand worn by singer Tyla. As usual, the standout was Zendaya

Live Nation is trending because tickets for the concert go on sale on Wednesday and cost $25 for a limited time. 

News By The Numbers

540 hours. That is how long it took to make a wedding gown for bride Nada Kamani who wed Umar Kamani, co-founder of PrettyLittleThing this weekend. The wedding was reported to cost £20 million with performances by Ronan Keating, Andrea Bocelli and Mariah Carey. 

56%. That is how many Brits say the King is doing a good job according to a new survey. In fact every member of the Royal family saw an increase in approval rating except Meghan Markle. 

14%. That is how many people say that they have “a great deal of confidence in election-related information they receive from national sources, and 11% say the same about local news media,” according to a recent AP poll

FBI Goes Woke

FBI director chris wray credit: getty

Congress will investigate whether the FBI’s diversity goals are causing a hiring crisis that has resulted in fewer qualified agents. 

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the House Judiciary Committee says that they are “interested in the FBI’s hiring and retention practices and its use of so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.” 

Whistleblowers have said that in order to fulfill DEI requirements, the FBI has left qualified applicants on the cutting room floor while subsequently relaxing hiring standards and lowering barriers to entry “in categories that include physical fitness, illicit drug use, financial irregularities, mental health, full-time work experience, and integrity.” 

The letter says that the “FBI’s hyper-fixation on hitting Biden Administration-imposed DEI initiatives, rather than qualifications that make the best federal law enforcement candidates and officers, has created a climate within the FBI that puts the American public and American civil liberties at risk.” The committee seeks documentation about the FBI’s hiring practices and likely will take a chance to grill Director Wray on this issue in public. But that won’t necessarily to anything to stop this. 

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